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Work of Human Resources

Work of Human Resources in an organization is implementing the policies and strategies relating to the management of employees. Human Resources personnel ensure that the welfare of the employees or workers is given the necessary consideration. This department also ensures that only qualified, skilled and experienced employees are hired in an organization in order to increase productivity in an organization. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Work of Human Resources Work of Human Resources

Work of Human Resources

The Work of Human Resources

Work of Human Resources personnel are very crucial in any given organization. The functions of the Human Resources cannot be ignored as they enable an organization to recruit, select and employ only skilled and qualified people who are going to steer the organization to greater heights.

Secondly, the Work of Human Resources is to keep the employees necessary records and maintain their confidentiality at all times. Also, the Human Resources keep the employees motivated by ensuring their morale is boosted and they are always loyal to the organization. In this way, the mobility of the workers to other places of work is reduced as the workers are kept comfortable and their welfare is always put into consideration.

The Human Resources also ensures the workers are compensated and their benefits paid accordingly. The training and learning of all the employees is also organized by the Human Resources department. The employees are trained regularly and they are updated with the most recent skills by attending seminars, workshops and courses.

Another Work of Human Resources also act as a link between the organizations management and the employees. This link enables the employees to air their grievances through the Human Resources and on the other hand the management is also able to communicate its decisions to the employees through the same channel

Qualities to do the Work of Human Resources

Work of Human Resources require a wide range of qualities and academic qualifications. To begin with, Human Resources personnel must possess a diploma, degree or a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources management. Besides academic qualification, Work of Human Resources person must have strong interpersonal relations which will enable him/her to relate well with people of all calibers.

A good Human Resources officer should also have good communication, leadership, management, analytical, organization, planning and listening skills. Patience, self-control and empathy are also vital attributes especially because this job may involve resolving conflicts.

Limitations in the Work of Human Resources

Work of Human Resources just like in any other field has a number of limitations which plague it. The first one is the uncertain future due to political, social, economic and cultural dynamics taking place daily. This in turn affects the employment condition due to lay-offs and new appointments. The other limitation is the rigid attitude of a company’s management which makes it unwilling to embrace change. Therefore, human resource manager find it hard to bring changes in the personnel department.



Also, other decisions implemented by the management like laying -off some employees do not go down well with the rest of the remaining people in the organization like the

Employees and this affects their morale. The Human Resources feels helpless in such a situation as he/she can do nothing about it.

Work of Human Resources is also demanding in terms of finances and time and the company ends up spending a lot of money in the process. Most of the organizations view the Work of Human Resources suspiciously as the Human Resources is deemed as sympathizers of the employees which leave the management at loggerheads with the personnel manager. Therefore, balancing the management’s expectations and the employees demand becomes a very delicate task.


Conclusion on Work of Human Resources

Work of Human Resources is very important in any organization and despite the challenges, no organization can increase productivity without the work of the Human Resources. Therefore, every organization must value the Work of Human Resources.


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