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Variety of Writing in Communication Skill

Writing in communication skill can be grouped into several groups; one is variety of writing according to the style and writing based on content of the writing. Writing in communication skill based on the style include,

  • Notes or summaries which are always condensed or a bridge version,
  • The essay that are complete and comprehensive based on certain topics or subject,
  • The report which is a presentation of a research finding compiled by different researchers on a particular research finding.

The instruction text, information text, narrative text and personal text is another group based on the content of writing in the variety of writing in communication skill. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

The main purpose of writing in communication skill is to determine information; information that is so disseminated should be novel, punctual and worthwhile. Hence in the process of writing in communication skill, the author may inform, educate, challenge, sooth or attack a character or phenomena. Good writing should therefore be a product of careful and logical thinking since it involves learning and then producing language so that the text can be read. Writing may be defined as a process of jolting down letters or other symbol which can be read by a person who can understand the language of the writing in communication skill.

The Essay Writing in Communication Skill

 Variety of Writing in Communication SkillThe essay in the variety of writing based on style in writing in communication skill is an orthodox or normal piece of writing that is expressed in simple form and is split into paragraphs each or all of which are based on a specific theme or themes. An essay is usually a brief composition that presents a personal point view and it may range from a short simple composition exercise of one paragraph to a longer piece of writing of about even ten thousand words. It may be either literally or technical writing in communication skill.

In essay writing in communication skill the literally type is usually imaginative and make a creative use of language and style. The technical or scientific essay writing in communication skill is always factual objective, adopt and perform on tool, time and language. There are several types of essays which include narration, description, definition, process analysis, illustration, comparison and contrast, discussion, prose and exposition. However each type shares a lot of stylist features in comparison with others and hence a clear line of demarcation may not be drawn to any. Moreover all the type can be seen as attempt of exposition in essay writing in communication skill.

Type of Essay Writing in Communication Skill

In considering the type of essay writing in communication skill, narration essay are the most common of all. Narration also known as expressive essay usually aim at telling real or imagined stories or even accounts of issues hence they express facts, opinion, attitudes and other details about specific character events and other phenomena well narrated in essay writing in communication skill. The stories, action or episodes so narrated could either be objective or subjective but they should be narrated the artistic way, the subject matter for a narrative could be an anecdote, a single narrative or the content of the narration could be based on a real incident in history of easy writing in communication skill.

Narratives usually relate series of events hence their typical example in assay writing in communication skill are works of prose, fiction, history and news reporting. The most feature of narrative essay in communication skill is the linking of one event with the next and a clear progression so that the reader can follow the events easily. A good proportion should also be maintained so that the different parts of the story such as background events or conversation progression are accorded suitable length so that the result is not unbalanced. Narration could be long or short factual or imaginative as the occasion may demand in narrative essay writing in communication skill

Moreover in narrative essay writing in communication skill the main thread of the narrative should be obscured by mass of unnecessary details. Their plot should are well organized, developed and convincing characters. There are several ways of developing the plots of the narrative in essay writing in communication skill, some plots are simple and straight forward while others are punctuated by flashbacks and lead into the future. The common ones are usually developed in a chronologically hence the events are naturally arranged in the order in which they originally took place in narrative essay writing in communication skill.

Description essay writing in communication skill usually requires the writer to expose facts, figures and other specific details about event, character or location. They hence require vividness and hence their descriptiveness element must dominate or preponderate over narrations or exposition. The sort of information that forms the bank of description essay in communication skill includes definition, statement of the function of the object and organization and management of the illustration. Those that have specific and accurately observed details are considered the best description essay writings in communication skill.

In general descriptive essay writing in communication skill report the testimony of one’s sense hence much of the subject matter of the testimony are factual and objective though some of them may require imagination and creativity. Thus in writing descriptive essay in communication skill the purpose of the description should be well chosen details to create a clear impression right in such a way to reveal the typical characteristic of the subject and portray the character in action. Descriptive essay often adopt spatial development whereby the details are arranged according to their location and relationship to one another. There are two broad type of descriptive essay writings in communication skill, the plain but exert, its factual and attempts to give accurate and physical bits information in a neutral and in matter of facts ways, then there is the general offer some scope for creativity and imagination in descriptive essay writing in communication skill.


Good Essay Writing in Communication Skill

In writing a good essay in communication skill one should take into consideration of important factors such as the essay should be have a specific objective, subject matter or theme. Also the essay should be prescribed in every aspect of details and simple with lots of clarity. The essay should not be too complex; it should be elastic portable and durable for it to be considered a good essay writing in communication skill.

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