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The Steps to Effective Selection Process in Kenya

The Steps to Effective Selection Process in Kenya


Effective Selection Process in Kenya is the process of choosing the most the potential candidate from the pool developed during the recruitment process. It aims at sorting out the less potential so as to end with the most suitable candidates who can meet the organization requirements. The article Business Training in Kenya also has some more information that may be of interest.

The following things should also be taken into consideration;

  1. company policy
  2. availability of money devoted to selection
  3. level and complexity of the job
  4. possible consequences of poor selection
  5. number of applicants


 The Steps to Effective Selection Process in KenyaModel Procedure for the Effective Selection Process in Kenya

  • Shortlisting of candidates and inviting them for interview.
  • Preliminary interview.
  • Filling of application forms.
  • Actual interview.
  • Selection tests.
  • Investigating the candidate’s background.
  • Medical examination.
  • Appointment.

Shortlisting of Candidates and Inviting them for Interview

The first step of the selection process is shortlisting of candidates and inviting them for interview. It is done to determine those who meet the minimum requirements for the job. Involves compiling the received applications against job specification.

Preliminary Interview for an Effective Selection Process in Kenya

It may be done by Human Resource manager with assistance of a section head. The main aim is to confirm the accuracy of the information. It is also a forum where the candidates are informed about the nature of the job.

Filling of Application Forms

These are forms used to briefly summarize the candidate’s information e.g. name, contact, education background, marital status, experiences, gender, etc. These forms save the selection team time that could be spent going through the application. This forms a framework around which the interview is build. The form will kept as a record of the employee’s background.

Actual Interview

Another step of Effective Selection Process in Kenya is actual interview. It is a direct confrontation between the interviewer and interviewee. It serves as an attempt to secure maximum amount of information from the candidate to determine suitability for the job.

Types of Interviews

  • Structure interview (pattered)- involves advance preparation of the questions to be asked and info to be sort from the candidate. Also outline how the interview should be conducted and how much time to be allocated to each candidate.
  • Unstructured (free) interview- relatively unplanned interview where the panel asks general questions and the candidates can answer them for a relatively longer time.
  • Stress interview- the panel assumes a hostile role towards the applicant and by asking questions and making comments which are likely to annoy or frustrate the candidate.
  • Semi – structured interview- where the questions on key areas are prepared in advance but it allows free discussion i.e. doesn’t follow a strict pattern and is not so free.
  • Group discussion interview- where a group rather than individuals are interviewed. The group is given a case analysis to handle and make decisions within a given time frame. The objective is to see how individuals perform in a particular task situation.

Selection Tests

This is another step of Effective Selection Process in Kenya. These tests are carried out on candidates successful in the previous stages. The types of tests carried out include:

Intelligence or aptitude tests- designed to measure the potential talent and abilities to learn given proper training. They are used where the candidates are inexperienced and untrained. There are two types of intelligence tests;

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General mental ability- tests mental capacity, memory, speed of thinking, etc.

Special aptitude- measure special abilities, talents and skills on a particular subject area.

Achievement tests – used on experienced employees. Tries to measure the knowledge of the job and confidence of employee doing the job

Personality tests- aimed at measuring non intellectual characteristics that affects performance e.g. values, emotions, maturity, motivation.

Vocational tests – tests the candidates likes and dislikes in relation to the job i.e. recreational activities, hobbies, etc. this helps to identify interest that may help one develop a career and to access if such a career is within the organization.

In basket tests- in tray and out tray in office.

Leadership group discussion-give a group base.

Situational tests- this tests the ability to cope with situations or conditions on the job. Are normally conducted on a real job situation. There are two types:

In basket tests- used to test the administration abilities of the candidate by giving him or her in basket of documents. The candidate will be provided with info on the org and be asked to handle them in the most appropriate way.

Leaders’ group discussion – used to test the supervision qualities of an applicant. The group is put together and given a problem to solve so as to identify individuals with most constructive ideas, who are most influential over others and those with the best communication skills.

Investigate the Candidate’s Background

This involves seeking information about the candidates past that might have influence on his present or future. The main purpose is to get independent info on the candidates working ability co-operation, in dependability,  innovativeness, creativity. The main sources of such information include schools and colleges, referees provided by candidate, previous employers, government administration, religious leaders and any other person who knows the candidate well.

Medical Examinations

This is conducted to determine the suitability of the candidate on the basis of medical and physical fitness. It will also reveal any medical complications that may require treatment and will enable the organization to develop a medical history for the employee.


The appropriate candidate is selected and appointed after these series of steps in the Effective Selection Process in Kenya.

Conclusion on steps of Effective Selection Process in Kenya

As above mentioned, when these steps are followed you can be assured of an Effective Selection Process in Kenya

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