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The Nokia NE7 phone for Kenya Business

insp 2 300x250 The Nokia NE7 phone for Kenya Business

The NE7 phone by Nokia is good since it provides a comprehensive spec list .Nokia have already released the Nokia NE7 phone . It is a Symbian 3 operated smartphone which boasts of key features such as a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. It has an 8 megapixel camera. It supplies the winning combination of a touch-screen. It has a  full slide out QWERTY keyboard unit. It is  suitable for people that send out loads of texts and e-mails. It  simultaneously supplies the usability along with operation of touch-screen.

Other features of the Nokia NE7 phone

Hereby below are the features of the Nokia NE7 phone. It measures  123.7x 62.4x 13.6 millimetres. It is certainly a reasonably sleek and stylish smartphone .It is  comfortable  to make use of. It has very light weight at 176 grams that is very impressive for a handset with a dedicated qwerty keyboard unit

The Nokia NE7 phone Touch Screen

The Nokia NE7 phone touchscreen is as follows. It’s  AMOLED capacitive touch-screen provides the technology to present to as much as 16 M hues within the pixel layout of 360x 640. This presents gorgeous vividness and quality of on-screen images. This means that it’s a great phone for viewing images and video footage.Firstly it  entails multi-touch input method.Secondly it also entails  proximity an accelerometer sensors. Thirdly it entails touch-sensitive control unit. Last but not least it entails hand writing recognition. It’s touchscreen  is created from scratch-resistant components. This  defends it from everyday abrasions.

 The Nokia NE7 phone for Kenya BusinessFeatures lacking  in the Nokia NE7 phone

The following features are lacking in the Nokia NE7 phone.The Nokia NE7 phone lacks a micro SD card slot. This is because it has a huge sixteen Gigabyte of internal file storage. This includes  a  256 MB RAM and 1 GB ROM and a sixteen GB of file storage. This gives  an optimal level of storage for users who like to keep many audio tracks or video footage on their handset.This expandable file storage is enough  for the average user.

The Nokia NE7 phone internet attributes

The Nokia NE7 phone has internet attributes. The Nokia NE7 phone has Class 32 variants of both EDGE along with GPRS supply. The Nokia E7 phone maintains its connections to operators’ networks even when it is in isolated regions. One of the primary means is to get connected to the world wide web.It has a HSDPA connection supplies download rates at speeds of 10.2 MB per second throughout regions with 3G coverage (with HSUPA at 2 Megabytes per second). To enable speedier Connection to the internet, the Nokia NE7 in addition  provides full Wi-Fi internet browsing that takes advantage of close by Wireless Networks when they are accessible. In addition to the above internet browsing other attributes comprise Wireless Bluetooth and micro USB. This allows the Nokia E7 to be linked with other devices.Many different activities can thus be executed.

The Nokia NE7 phone camera

The Nokia NE7 phone has a camera. It has a good built in eight MP digital video camera. It  utilises a pixel layout of 3264x 2448. It is  able to capture fantastic quality still photographs. The built in image improving attributes include fixed focus, face recognition, dual LED flash and also geo-tagging.It can shoot video footage in great quality 720p High-definition at 25 fps.

The Nokia NE7 phone operation system

The Nokia NE7 phone has an operating system. Its operated by a Symbian 3 OS.This performs in partnership with a 680 MHz chip. This produces a great user experience. It has both amusement and efficiency categories. This makes the Nokia NE7 phone a captivating all rounder. A number of colour alternatives are for sale.This set it  to be popular following its  launch.

The Nokia NE7 phone Product Description

The Nokia NE7 phone has the following Product Description. It sports a raft of security features. This include business grade device lock and wipe functionality. Secondly it has secure intranet access. Last but not least it has remote device management. It has connectivity and productivity prowess. It has support for Mail for Exchange. It has a Microsoft Communicator Mobile. It also has a Microsoft Share Point Server. It can shoot HD video in 720p. It has free global walk,drive navigation and a digital compass. It has an active noise cancellation for clearer voice calls.The battery will keep calls going for up to 9.5 hours (in GSM mode). It will also stay on standby for an astounding 27 days (3G mode).

The Nokia NE7 Package Contents
The Nokia NE7 comes with the following Package Contents.It has the following package contents
  • Nokia E7 (Unlocked Quadband) GSM Cell Phone
  • User Manual
  • Travel Charger
  • Battery

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Conclusion on the Nokia NE7 phone

As seen above the Nokia NE7 phone is a good phone for Kenya Business.

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