• June 10th, 2018
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Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Management is a concept which offers research work and also gives opinions on conservation and the use of natural resources, the  control of hazards and the protection of animal habitats, in relation to the field of ecology without regard to the traditional boundaries. Business Training in Kenya has more topics.

The concept of Strategic Environmental Management mainly aims to improve communication on the environmental conservation issues, in giving ideas and the results from the fields available to the practitioners from other areas but using the environment in one way or the other. The Contributions to Strategic Environmental Management are drawn from the  environmental laws, the public affairs ministry, the environment ministry, the fisheries department, the zoologists, the biologists and other scientists,the  forest scientists and the environmental engineers.

From the Strategic Environmental Management point of view it is seen that man being the principal user of what nature has provided, he has the responsibility for ensuring that the environmental issues are controlled rather than waiting till they are catastrophic. The term Environmental Management includes the contribution of the academic researchers work and other professionals outside  the universities including those in business , the government, the  research establishments and the public interest groups who help present a wide view and approach to environmental issues.

Scope of Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Management3 Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Managementis a field that majorly deals with the intended initiatives and upcoming initiatives taken by the top level managers on behalf of the owners, in relation to utilization o f the environment and  the environmental resources.Strategic Environmental Management is done with an aim to enhance the performance of the organization in its environmental management issues.Strategic Environmental Management entails specifying the organisation environmental vision ,the mission,  and objectives, and then developing policies and plans in terms of the environmental management strategy which is to be implemented. This can be done in terms of tailored and designed projects and programs, to help achieve these objectives and also allocate resources to implement the plans and policies and ,programs and projects . The whole project should be evaluated after implementing the environmental management strategy against a benchmark and its progress towards achieving the objectives of the organization should be checked. Environmental management strategy starts with the various stakeholders expectations and how to introduce environmental responsibility to its management strategies and ensure it is practiced as required

Benefits of Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Managementt can uncover some profit opportunities available to the organization now and in the future. This it can do by helping the organization cut  its costs and boost its  revenues for the organization in the process of the organization practicing environmental preservation and conservation Strategic Environmental Management aims at harmonizing its environmental conservation goals and general organization goals by integrating environmental conservation and organizational structure for the future.  It does this by incorporating environmental conservation into the organization’s goals and strategic vision and mission Strategic Environmental Management also helps in ensuring a future for the community around it and it also promotes the general welfare of the society at large.  Also it  deals in environmental education as part of corporate social responsibility. Strategic environmental conservation also helps discover cost saving ways of production and other marketing opportunies in the process of reducing environmental damage environmental impacts.

Conclusion on Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic environmental management is very important for organizations.Strategic Environmental Management ensures a future for the organizations and they should thus pursue it. The government should also advocate for Strategic Environmental Management so that the entire nation is assured of a future through the implementation of this strategies