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Strategic Environmental Management

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Strategic Environmental Management is written by Grace Wever. It costs $150 at Amazon.com. The book is written for environment managers to enable them apply techniques to have sustainable environmental management. It provides the practical tools necessary for successful implementation of TQEM and how results can be determined through assessment and improving of programs, and bench marking the progress of other processes. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Strategic Environmental Management Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Management

Strategic Environmental Management: using TQEM and ISO 14000 for Competitive Advantage (Wiley series in Environmental Quality Management)

Strategic Environmental Management also provides the guidelines on how ISO can be integrated in compliance to the existing environmental management systems. The book consists of a matrix which is based on Bald ridge quality award categories for implementing TQEM and example of a model company. Wever   reckons the fact that the US environmental regulations alone cannot be the guide in the environmental management. She encourages the companies to take a step ahead and form a proactive environmental management system by taking quality based approach towards their customers, the public and the natural resources.

The TQEM program leads to reduction in pollution levels, lowers the compliance as well as causing improved working environment and system, more responsibly designed products’ and consequently a more satisfied community. Strategic Environmental Management is described as a book of its kind. It gives the information  about how to accomplish TQEM  at the company levels and , the tools necessary and the expert  guidance towards implementation of the plan and successful management the book also outline the benefit  of integrating fully the environmental management in all organizations overall business plan and how the plans can be marketed to the top position.

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Importance for Strategic Environmental Management

Dr. Grace Wever outlines the necessary conceptual groundwork using an in-depth discussion of how EHS management can be seen from the Bald ridge and the ISO 14001 Frameworks. She unleashes the full proven TQEM tools and techniques including an original matrix which is based on Bald ridge quality award categories. This serves as the guidance for implementation of TQEM program.

This type of management also outlines the tools necessary for self assessment and continuous improvement and the TQEM bench marking. She also elaborate on the strategic information on how to gather knowledge relevant for base building and all other techniques necessary for the evaluation of the customer’s response and satisfaction thereby creating a value added public and private partnerships. She explains that the first practical guide to applying TQEM techniques to your company environmental management efforts, Strategic Environmental Management happens to be an indispensable working source for every manager; be it environmental or seniors or the environmental consultants.

Although Strategic Environmental Management was originally written for environmental managers, by an environmental manager, it is aid to have a broader appeal. The book fills the gap between the abstract management texts and the conceptual framework necessary for management.

Strategic Environmental Management Product Details

Strategic Environmental Management is a 320 pages book published by Wiley publishers. It is a first edition published on April 26, 1996. The book is written in English. It is ISBN-10:047114742X AND ISBN-13: 978-0471147466. Its dimension is 10.2 x7.3×1.1 inches. Its approved shipping weight is 1.7 pounds. It is ranked position 2,463,215 in Amazon best sellers.

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The book cites about 31books including total quality environmental management by journal TQEM, design for environment by T.E. Graedel, Auditing for environmental quality leadership: beyond compliance to the environment by John. T. Willig, Industrial ecology by Thomas, E. Graedel and Business ethics and business behavior by Phil Johnson. Effective environmental regulation: learning from Poland’s experience is the only book that has cited Strategic Environmental Management.

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