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Strategic Cost Management

Strategic Cost Management is written by Richard. M. S. Wilson. It costs $290.00 at amazon.com. It was published on august 1997. Therefore, the book describes how the actual drivers of an activity with a firm can be used through activity based costing to enhance or identify the major causes. It is used to determine other indirect cost such as maintenance or the productivity of a firm. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Strategic Cost Management Strategic Cost Management

Strategic Cost Management

Strategic Cost Management: International Library of Management

The principle of the book is to ensure the reader understand the design of management accounting system needs to be reviewed to meet the need of strategic management.

The book indicates how the process can be done. Strategic management happens to be recent phenomenon and the field happens to be new .not much is known of what it entails and what the future holds for it. The book primarily was authored to clarify the meaning of SCM or strategic Management accounting (SMA).

It does so by defining the strategy set for the long term goals and the objectives of an enterprise. It results to an adoption of course of action and the allocation of resources that is necessary to achieve the set goals and objectives of the enterprise. Strategic Cost Management also outline a variety of views , each covering a broader and amore narrowed subject specific idea of the real definition of SCM. The book also highlights the key differences between convectional management accounting and SCM and reduces the ambiguity of the cost reduction in compared to other literature from the other authors.

Strategic Cost Management Product Details

The product details includes that the book is 480 pages. It is published by Dartmouth Pub Co publishers on august 1997. It is written in English. It‘s ISBN-10:1855215810 and ISBN-13:98-1855215818. Its dimensions are 9.4 x 6.6 x1.7 inches with 3pounds approved shipping weight. It is ranked position 5,487,178 in the Amazon best sellers rank.

Strategic Cost Management is meant primarily for those who believe or rather are interested in cost management. This book outlines clearly the role of cost management giving insights of some corporate strategies over the past years. The book elaborates on how a firm can save money through calculated business decision.

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It tries to combine concepts from business cost management with those from traditional co-corporate management. Some of the key drivers Strategic Cost Management describes is how strategic management can be achieved via cost driver analysis, strategic positioning of the firm and the chain analysis.

Strategic Cost Management Efficiency

Strategic Cost Management assists the firm holders to identify the opportunities and threats perceived in to be in the economy. It also helps identify the future benefits of cost management system by the organization. It guides people through analysis, working step by step through technological process to ensure that there are more and more opportunities that are prevalent to the firm.

In away, it touches on how changes in the strategic management can affect marketing firm and other plans such as production, research work, personnel, logistics and public relations. This helps the firms to deal with complexity, relating to complexity related to execution, structural and organization cost. It outlines how each system can be used to establish where cost benefits can be felt highest. It guides on making strategic decisions especially those dealing with Strategic Cost Management.

468x60 001 Strategic Cost Management

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