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Strategic Accounts Manager

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 A Strategic Accounts Manager especially in the businesses and  the organizations is usually responsible for identifying the needs of a client company in any given industry together with its customers in order to create both the short and  the long term goals for the company that will maximize its returns and presence within its industry. The Strategic Accounts Manager can always be an agent or a consultant of a given firm. Most companies prefer outsourcing the resources of the Strategic Accounts Managers.

The Strategic Account Management course is designed to equip accounts managers and Strategic Accounts Managers and their teams with the skills, the knowledge, the tools and the insights necessary to succeed in their challenging roles in various industries and organizations . Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Professional Responsibilities of Strategic Accounts Manager

Usually the professional  responsibilities for a Strategic Accounts Manager will vary according to the  industry and  the scope of practice of the given manager. General responsibilities usually cover the basic responsibilities of all the Strategic Accounts Managers. Primarily, the Strategic Accounts Manager is responsible for developing the  business strategies that will help continue expand the client base of the organization at whichever level. The Strategic Accounts Manager must create and implement both the long term and the short term sales objectives that will meet the needs of the customer, increase the  market share and  maximize the  product satisfaction and distribution. This is accomplished by working between the customer and the client company in order to get to understand the needs of both parties. Additional team work within the client company is necessary in order to implement the sales, marketing and production goals of the company.

Required Skills for Strategic Accounts Manager

Strategic Accounts Manager Strategic Accounts Manager

Strategic Accounts Manager

Strategic Accounts Managers should always have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.  They should also poses a persuasive nature. They should be unobtrusive. These are generally necessary for success as a Strategic Accounts Manager. They should also have the ability to gather client information comprehensively and analyze industry data in order to create client specific advice is relevant and reliable.

Qualification of a Strategic Accounts Manager

For one to be considered for a strategic management position basically one needs a bachelor degree in any discipline. A master’s degree in business administration or management is the most desirable. Some experience in the given field is also important. Employers usually seek candidates with 3- 5 years of  Strategic  Account Management.

Importance of Strategic Accounts Manager Course

The Strategic Accounts Manager program will give the student a deeper understanding of the role of strategic managers. It entails how to select the clients, knowledge of  how clients select their suppliers, creating value with clients, how to instill a working culture into one’s own firm or organization.

Salary of Strategic Account Managers

The salary is not normally fixed and can therefore be negotiated with the client. It also depends on your working experience

Conclusion on Strategic Account Manager

Strategic Accounts Manager course is a practical and interactive program designed for Strategic Accounts Managers and their teams to help their clients understand their businesses better and also the industry in which they are operating in. This is because account managers help them to better define their customer issues and learn how to build team work aimed at increasing the productive capacity of the organization. This is done by tackling their current business issues. This article has given an overview of  the Strategic Accounts Manager

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