• May 26th, 2018
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What is a Shopping Cart?

Shopping cart also refers to a virtual shopping cart it is a software program that when integrated into your web store enables customer to choose one or more items from the web store, specify particular option that might be available and then purchase those items.

Shopping cart What is a Shopping Cart?Definition of a Shopping Cart

A shopping cart normally includes;

Database that store information such as product details, customer data and order information.

A store front that displays this information to store visitors, administration area that allows you to manage your store e.g. this is where you add products, set up shipping and payment option process orders.

How a Shopping Cart Works

The way in which a shopping carts work differ, some work by using simple data collection forms and passing the information through the URL(Uniform Resource Locator)

Others work by storing the customer shopping cart on the database on the web stores server others work by use of cookies.

A cookie is a small piece of information sent by a web store server to a customer web browser so that it can be read back from the browser.

Passing the information through the URL of the web store involve using form variables in the URL and a listening CGI component on the web store side. Storing the customers shopping cart at any time, before or after purchase. The information can be variable allowing web store administrator to gauge future product needs based on the content of the shopping cart belonging to customers.

Shopping cart application includes;

  • PHP
  • CGI
  • Cold fusion
  • PERL

Ways of acquiring a shopping cart

Pay a onetime fee for the software and install it on your web server

When you choose this model you don’t have to pay monthly fee and the software is usually much more customizable than leased shopping carts. If you hire a website designer to install and configure your shopping cart, this method is economical than leasing.

Pay monthly or yearly to lease the software

This model is easy to implement because you don’t need to install configure or maintain only software.


Leasing software is often hard to customize and many E-commerce sites need some customization. Furthermore it can be very expensive when you add in the cost of leasing for many years.

Features of a Shopping Cart

Easy to use web interface which allow you to administer your shopping cart from any web browser connected to the internet.

Shopping cart report is the ability to get detailed report about your sales inventory, products categories users, states, destination zone, taxes, shipping rate and membership level.

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Multiple languages are the ability to display multiple languages in your shopping cart.

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Upgrading find out if you can get free update when the software is approved

Editor for product allows you to enter product text and images using a word processor like editor

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Content page it allow you to create content page

And thus all about a shopping cart




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