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Senate Insurance

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Senate Insurance is a brokerage insurance company that has a long time experience of more than 27 years. The main objective of the company has been to provide the best cover policies to the customers at an affordable price. For the long period of time the agency has been in the market, it has come to be recognized as one of the best performing and great independently owned insurance company. Senate Insurance offers its services to the entire USA. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Senate Insurance Senate Insurance

Senate Insurance

The Objectives of Senate Insurance

Senate Insurance has stayed long in business because it offers good services to its client. The insurance company has always operated as brokers to other major insurance companies. Senate Insurance has located its branches in every state so as to give the client easy and accessible services. The state branches are chaired by senators although there is still a functioning committee which ensures that the company resources are managed wisely.

Senate Insurance agency understands that their customers are full of needs that are not given by many of the insurance companies. For instance many clients want to have same day compensation on any damage suffered; the customers require payment extension, cheap or affordable monthly installments, and low down payments. These are what the agency insurance offers on behalf of many insurance companies.

The main objective of the Senate Insurance is to provide competitive insurance covers at affordable customers’ rate. Moreover, the company gives their clients the convenience of acquiring their services directly from their company website any the telephone or the fax lines. Additionally, the company has employees who are from the locality of the customers, which makes it easy for the company to understand the problems facing their customers.

The Services Offered by Senate Insurance

Senate Insurance was mainly formed to represent many of the auto insurance companies. The company considered taking care of clients’ property mostly cars and other property of great value because they matter a lot for many people.

Senate Insurance has a premium finance company which is managed by the insurance agency. The main aim of this finance branch is to offer payment extensions to its customers. Many clients have come to trust the company for its affordable auto insurance services.

However, the company has extended its services to other policies such as health insurance. According to the agency, medical cover is important for every citizen because there is no specific time one will know when he or she will be sick.

Senate Insurance: Life insurance

Recently, Senate Insurance has joined hands with RBC insurance company in order to provide life insurance to its esteemed customers. This insurance cover is very competitive because it is giving a chance for the customers to insure large values without the requirement of a medical exam.

The policy is more convenient to customers because the clients can now make an online application which is accompanied with electronic signatures. The application is automated and within few minutes a customer is able to get the approved policy.

Life cover policy by the Senate Insurance allows you to protect the people you love most. Moreover, there is a funeral cover of up to $10k that protects your family in case of you die.

Conclusion on Senate Insurance

Senate Insurance is brokerage insurance company that offers competitive policies for top insurance companies. The agency is experienced in auto covers although it has started to offer other polices such as life insurance. The main objective of the company is to give perfect but affordable covers. Therefore, many customers have come to take policies from Senate Insurance.







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468x60 001 Senate Insurance



insp 2 300x250 Senate Insurance
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