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Sample Strategic Plan

300x250 2 Sample Strategic Plan

 A Sample Strategic Plan gives out the outline of any business’s strategic plan. From a sample strategic plan, an organization can make its own strategic plan in accordance to its mission,  its vision and its objectives. It can be applied by any enterprise. It contains the strengths, the weaknesses, threats and opportunities, vision, mission, values and objectives and also sets out proposed strategies and goals of a given organization. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Sample Strategic Plan2 Sample Strategic Plan

Sample Strategic Plan

Contents of Sample Strategic Plan

A Sample Strategic Plan contains Threats, weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths

This is usually the first thing in any strategic plan. It is built mainly from an analysis of the organization. It might include such things as:



Research and Development activities almost complete Focused management Product differentiation Location near the main road Over dependence on external short term borrowings Too narrow a Board of Directors Lack of awareness amongst prospective customers High staff turnover



Government regulations Adaptation of a new technology of production Inflation Rapid growth in a given market segment Tax havens Scope to diversify into related market segments

Vision statement in a Sample Strategic Plan

The vision statement should contain such things as the prediction of annual sales target, the projected profit for the organization, the employment potential of the organization, the projected research and development investment, the plan for the marketing department in the organization. Also issues of administration and support services should be included in the vision statement plan. The organization should also indicate the core products of the organization so that the relevant focus is given to them. Things to be done to ensure an added-value service to customers. The countries they want to do business with and the best basis for market segmentation for the given organization. The advantages over competitors in any business undertakings and the methods of ensuring the business succeeds

Mission Statement in a Sample Strategic Plan

The mission statement should contain such things as the Transaction processing management, and business design and ways of capturing data. The mission statement of the strategic plan should contain information on ways of attaining the objectives of the organization and also the goals of the organization

Corporate Values in  a Sample Strategic Plan

The organization’s strategic plan also should have the corporate value issues of the organization stated clearly. The corporate values could be such things as operating at the  highest standards possible in all the relations with  the suppliers, customers, community and the environment. It should also contain a statement on the  factors which encourage employee motivation

Business Objectives in  a Sample Strategic Plan

The plan should also contain a statement on the business objectives which include such things as becoming a leading company in the production of a given product,  the innovative systems to be put up by the company, the business expansion plans by the business and  the good offerings to the shareholders of the given company

Key Strategies of a Sample Strategic Plan

Under the key strategies organizations could cover: accelerating product launches by reinforcing the research and development activities, raise additional capital, appoint advisors, seek advice whenever necessary, strengthen the human resource of the organization, and extend key technology links and seeking market segment especially new competent ones

Other strategies could include such things as location of new premises, participate in more trade shows and missions, strengthen your web presence as an organization, and develop international market entry plans and commission assessments

The plan should also contain a  statement on the major goals of the organization which may include securing of  a given percentage of the market segment after some time, report a given annual profit, becoming the largest supplier in the given market, employ a given capacity of workers,

Strategic Action Programs

This is the final thing in the strategic plan. It includes what should be implement as part of the strategy after a given time period. These include the Chief Executive Officer  should prepare the business plan, recruitment of the management director, review of the research and development resources, expansion of Board of directors and maybe develop and implement market entry

Conclusion on Sample Strategic Plan

A sample strategic plan is very important to organization because it is from here that they develop their strategic plan. It helps them get a picture of how their strategic plan should be like. This articles has described a Sample Strategic Plan