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Religious Interpretations

Religious books Interpretations are found to contain scriptures which are similar to each other in several ways. When a specific text is picked from one of them, it tends to bring out different meanings in accordance to different sects Interpretations. In this case, a scripture where divine is considered to be the provider of all information recorded in holy books is studied.

In accordance to this reference scripture derived from the Bible, it is appropriate for all believers to follow the teachings in order to fulfill divine’s will. However, this has not been attained due to different Interpretations given by various religions or sects including Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. Business Training in Kenya has more articles related to this topic.

Religious books and Interpretations


 Religious Interpretations


Scripture Interpretation by different communities has a great importance to proper comprehension of religion and its diverse but related teachings. It is this proper understanding that directs human beings to healthy as well as acceptable relationship with the divine. Failure to get scriptural understanding results to a gap created between the divine and believers within different communities.

However, most religious communities tend to embrace different Interpretations methods which result to different understanding of almost similar religious texts. This is because every community refers to these religious scriptures from their different religious books among them being the Bible, Koran and Lotus Sutra. Scripture Interpretations by Christians, Buddhists or Muslims are influenced by their diverse traditions which are in turn founded in specific religious beliefs.

Communities of Interpretations

A Sample of a Religious Scripture and How Different Sects Interpret.

A number of scriptures recorded in the Bible, Koran and Lotus Sutra have similar messages but recorded in different words in accordance to the different communities’ or religion’s beliefs. For instance, a certain scripture Interpretations found in the Bible’s second Timothy chapter three states that God provides and inspires all recorded scripture which is essential for correcting, directing as well as rebuking people.

It goes on to state that; the reason for all these works by the Holy Scripture is to instill perfection as well as thorough furnishing within believers. This particular text is found in other religious books like the Koran and Lotus Sutra but in different versions. However the meaning derived from it is almost similar but conflicting in terms of the form of divine each community believes in.

Christians’ Interpretations

Christian Interpretations to this scripture holds that there is a Supreme God who existed before every other creation came into existence. This supreme divine known as God is believed to have created everything which is found in the universe and recorded in the Bible. He also performed several wonders in one of the trinity forms; Son, and made promises regarding mans fate in the life eternal.

All these works, deeds and promises are recorded in the Bible which is considered as the Holy Scripture. It is this scripture is considered to have God’s inspiration and of great importance to perfection and overall guidance in a Christian’s life. According to Christians’ beliefs and tradition, every person is supposed to stick to all scriptures recorded in the Bible in order to be accorded eternal life after death. However, they believe that it is not easy to achieve this and should constantly ask for guidance from God in form of prayer.

God’s response to Christians takes place in different forms and as depicted in the text; He either rebukes them when they have sinned against Him, corrects in areas they have gone wrong and guides in areas where they lack direction. The ultimate of all these is a situation where Christians are supposed to reach a point of perfection which is difficult and they only depend on these three actions until they die. Christians only wish they die having been cleansed and perfected by God.

Muslims’ Interpretation

Muslims Interpretations have different Interpretation to this scripture whose similar message is found in the fourth chapter of Koran particularly in verse one hundred and seventy one. The Koran considers the Son, otherwise known as Jesus to be the Messiah who is sent by Allah. Allah is the supreme divine which is equated to Christian’s God. Allah is also regarded as the owner of all scripture recorded in Koran and Muslims are guided through this scripture by His spirit.

The next chapter of Koran that is chapter five and verse forty eight states that; Koran’s scripture is reveled to Mohammed by Allah in order to confirm its truth and the existence of the guardian providing direction over it. In this case, the guardian in Muslim belief takes the place of Holy Spirit who is supposed to guide believers through the scripture. The Koran Interpretations goes on to state that Allah has sent Muslims the Torah which is preceded by the Gospel in order that Muslims would get proper guidance through the Criterion accompanying it. A warning is given to Muslims who would dare disbelieve in Allah’s scripture that intense punishment is awaiting them in life after.

However, unlike Christians who regard all scripture contained in the Bible as important, Muslims fail to follow the Gospel as well as the Torah which are part of Allah’s scripture. Muslims only consider the scripture contained in the Koran which is only part of Allah’s message while the rest of the message is contained in the Gospel as well as the Torah.

According to Allah, Koran is just a confirmation of the two previous provisions and He demands Muslims to connect information contained in them and follow it accordingly. In comparison to Christian’s Bible, both the New as well as the Old Testaments are supposed to be followed to the book since the New Testament serves as a confirmation of what is recorded in the Old Testament. However, as the text states that all scripture from God in case of Christians and from Allah in the case of Muslims should be adhered to without deduction; Muslims Interpretations is different.

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