• October 22nd, 2017
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Proven Marketing Magnets that Can Work Wonders for Your Online Business

Marketing Magnets  should be understood well before dreaming of a successful online business. Not only do these marketing tools work, but you can be fortunate to have good traffic to your site. If your online company is in frantic need of marketing revamps, this can be a very simple and easy way to promote it. Business Training in Kenya gives an overview of  Business Review Kenya.

What are Marketing Magnets?

Marketing Magnets 300x263 Proven Marketing Magnets that Can Work Wonders for Your Online BusinessTo clear any misty imaginations lets start from the fundamentals.  Marketing Magnets are the tactics used by online marketers. The aim is to attract new customers without the need to expend your laid down marketing budget.

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These vital skills require one to have a passion for their business and run it with one spirit. You have to be creative, imaginative and have an idea of where your customers are located.

insp 2 468x60 Proven Marketing Magnets that Can Work Wonders for Your Online Business

Exploring how social sites such as face book, twitter, video sharing sites such as YouTube, emailing systems and other online promotional procedures can aid in coming up with successful marketing ideas.

The 3 Proven Online Marketing Magnets

Social Sites

Social sites can be good Marketing Magnets. They can aid in sinking your advertising teeth into your customers by far. The sites have millions of registered users. These popular micro blogging platforms can be a great way of updating people on your business endeavors any time.

These marketing tools allow you to post links leading to your site. By creating a profile on a social site, you can post daily updates on your online business venture.   This can eventually create interest to your readers.
More importantly, the social site users have an opportunity to tag you in their social site shout outs, giving other readers an easy way to click and locate where your business.
Video Sharing Sites
Videos when used as Marketing Magnets are classified as rich web content. Uploading videos to your online business website is a great way to promote your business. Having at least two videos for your site can be a hit among customers who visit your site.
Videos are simple to upload onto your website using free sites like you tube or Wistia.  The only precaution is to ensure your videos are not hidden in the site. You can place them anywhere your the site, since they generally bring more traffic than any other wed content options.
Email Newsletters
Sending out email newsletters is truly a good marketing idea but before you venture into it, be warned that it will certainly take some work to be effective. These marketing tools are pretty cheap, and in some cases even free. They have been proven to be one of the best ways to continue being in touch with your customers.

Precautions When Using Email Newsletters as Marketing Magnets

Marketing Magnets can be a good way of marketing your online business. As long as they are good marketing remedies, they have some limits.  Most online customers are not comfortable when bombarded with tons of emails.  To form a perfect balance, only sending one or two emails won’t be poisonous.
Update your business occasionally. Nice pictures are captivating to your customers eyes, so blend them somewhere in your site. Sometimes customers can be skeptical when visiting your site.
Marketing Magnets can work like magic in changing their mind.

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