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Praetorian Insurance Company

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Praetorian Insurance Company is a member of Hannover Re Group which is a reinsurance group. Praetorian Insurance Company offers wide range of insurance products which are very competitive. The main offices are in New York although there are branches elsewhere in Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas and Tennessee. Moreover, the company has joined hands with fifty more insurance agents in other fifty states. Many small and big business together with individuals have discovered the competitiveness in commercial auto and property, professional and general liability, marine cover and other policies of Praetorian Insurance Company. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Praetorian Insurance Company Praetorian Insurance Company

Praetorian Insurance Company

Praetorian Insurance Company Life Insurance

Praetorian Insurance Company offers life insurance under various policies depending with the preference of the client. Different life insurance covers are;

  • Term life insurance is am affordable plan that allows you to purchase a certain value of policy and you get the same benefits at the time of maturity of in case of death. The policy is good because the premiums paid are the lowest as compared to other life covers.
  • Whole life insurance is a bit expensive when compared to term life insurance although the period of protection is lifetime. Moreover, the cover protects the client and the people close to him or her. The rates paid are fixed. The policy attracts interest or cash value. The best thing with whole life insurance is that one can cancel the policy at any time.
  • Variable life insurance is alike to whole life cover although the cash value is not fixed. It is possible for a person to get a loan against this policy.
  • Universal life insurance has cash value and more so one can borrow loan with the policy. The cash value attracts interests which are given at a market rates. High premium rate are paid but one can cancel the policy at any time.

Praetorian Insurance Company Home Insurance

Praetorian Insurance Company home insurance allows customers to protect their investments and in return get large returns. A client is also able to change home insurance rates through coverage or extra discounts. Obviously, certain factors need to be decided by customer when is buying a home insurance, which include the age of the home and the value.

The premium paid by the home insurance policy holder is determined by various factors. Praetorian Insurance Company decides on the rates to be paid by considering the age, the size and the geographical location of client home. New homes are charged low rates and old houses need to pay. Premium will be higher if your house is located in a risk prone area such as a flood zone.

Praetorian Insurance Company Auto Insurance

Auto insurance of Praetorian Insurance Company is divided into several categories for convenience of the client. Liability is the main auto policy that covers any injury or damage made to the car. The person who suffers the loss gets paid by the insurance company of the person who causes the accident.

Collision policy covers the car owner from any damage he suffers from an accident mostly if he is the one who causes the fault. Comprehensive policy protects your auto from various risks such as theft, fire and other hazards. Other covers under the Praetorian Insurance Company auto insurance are uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection and medical coverage.

Conclusion in Praetorian Insurance Company

Praetorian Insurance Company uses it knowledge and skills to offer innovative specialty insurance products. The company has life insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance among other policies. The company clients are the business and individual who for long time have preferred services from Praetorian Insurance Company.



insp 2 300x250 Praetorian Insurance Company
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