• October 8th, 2018
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Human Resource Information Management System

 Human Resource Information Management System , also referred to as Human Resource modules, is the bridge between Human resource management and information technology. The basic functions of a Human resource management system it to provide a single, accurate view of all human resource activities including recruiting, performance management, training and development not forgetting compensation.

A human resource management system helps tremendously in reducing the workload of the human resource department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing human resource process.

Every Human resource department plays a very important key role in the smooth running of the company by tracking and analyzing the time keeping and work patterns of the workforce.

  • October 7th, 2018
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Quantitative Techniques

Quantitative Techniques is related to setting of objectives, goals and mobilizing resources to meet these objectives and goals. It is making and acting on the decisions.

It is about identifying a need/problem and mobilizing resources to meet that need. Quantitative Techniques is the study of the use of mathematical (quantitative)Techniques in making and implementing managerial decisions. It helps in analyzing the problem quantitatively (mathematical expressions) and generating quantitative/mathematical solutions. For example producers may want to encourage the demand for a certain commodity.  How would they analyze and generate solutions using Quantitative Technique.

Significance of Quantitative Techniques

  • Use of symbols and equations that are more convenient to apply as opposed to words and sentences


  • It is more concise and precise approach and therefore it lowers the degree of ambiguity and tediousness



  • the approach is economical in time, space and energy as opposed to words and sentences


  • It allows economic/business analysts to state explicitly all the assumptions as a prerequisite to the use of mathematical theorems as such helping them to avoid the adoption of unwanted theorems/rules/conditions.


  • It allows us to treat the n-variable case i.e. where we have many variables or solving a system of equations with many unknowns. It helps us analyze complex situations which could not be easily analyzed in a simpler manner.


  • The approach has found relevant application in dealing with economic or management issues through policy formulation e.g. estimating or predicting economic growth, profit levels, output and inflation rates.


Quantitative Techniques is a scientific method of applying mathematical tools in decision making

regarding the best utilization of resources.  It is seeks to improve efficiency and productivity in operations

such as in the industrial sector and managerial activities.

Quantitative Techniques involves the

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Hippo Insurance

Hippo insurance company is a South African based insurance internet quote aggregator. Hippo insurance eliminates hours of shopping around for the best insurance deal. It offers one the ability to compare insurance products, services and quotes from different insurance providers. Hippo insurance has partnered with a number of top short-term and life insurance companies which include Auto & General, Dial Direct, 1st For Women Insurance Brokers and Budget Insurance Brokers.  The hippo insurance makes finding the lowest insurance quote easy. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Specialization of Hippo Insurance

Hippo insurance specializes in insurance services in the car and home insurance sector, medical, personal loans, household, short-term, direct, life and business insurance. It mainly offers online insurance shopping comparison tools. Users are required to enter their details and requirements online by filling in a form, and then insurance quotes are presented for comparison.

Advantages of the Hippo Insurance Service

The big advantage to this service is that it removes time consumption and strain of getting insurance product information from all these different insurance providers separately and then collating them for comparison. It even does the comparison for you already. The interface is useful for these purposes. Even if you use each insurer`s website tools, you will end up having to repeatedly fill in the same information. This aggregating tool removes this tedious requirement. This service of hippo insurance has become a very popular way of shopping for insurance services abroad that the operators of the local version are confident that it will gain just as much attraction in the South African market as well.

The hippo insurance website is also very easy to use and clearly set out making getting insurance quotes and absolute breeze. It is all centered on that quotation tool one therefore does not have to dig into the site to get it.

There is also a section in the insurance website with tips to help you decide which insurance option is right for you. This is used once you`ve received all your quotes. It is done in a friendly and helpful manner that will appeal to all users.

It has an innovative search utility that allows busy consumers to solicit the most competitive insurance quotes from a range of big-name insurance providers at the click of a mouse.

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Rural Entrepreneurs in Kenya

Rural Entrepreneurs in Kenya  are the key to economic growth because they are generating employment. But  Entrepreneurs -owned businesses could contribute more than what they are doing today. A growing amount of research shows that countries that fail to address gender barriers are losing out on significant economic growth. Without increased attention to the gender dimensions of economic development, Kenya is therefore unlikely to meet its growth targets. This therefore demonstrates that addressing gender barriers in Kenya could generate significant economic growth for the country. The Kenyan government recognizes that Rural  Entrepreneurs in Kenya have not been on an equal footing when it comes to their access to opportunities and assets but it has yet to effectively address the barriers facing  Entrepreneurs  in business. This issues are als

also raised in Business Training in Kenya.

Barriers facing Rural Entrepreneurs in Kenya

Rural Entrepreneurs in Kenya face certain barriers in the business environment which have a negative effect on them.

The Barriers include;

  • Managing Employees,
  • Lack of Education,
  • Inadequate Finance,
  • Discrimination,
  • Poor Access to Justice.
  • Discrimination,
  • Dealing with the City Council,
  • Lack of Property Rights,

Managing Employees as a Barrier facing Rural Entrepreneurs in Kenya