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Hippo Insurance

Hippo Insurance through their website gives you a one stop shop for insurance quotes (www.hippo.co.za). You can find a wide array of services in insurance products including, car, home and buildings insurance, funeral plan, pet insurance and covers all the way to debt management and home loans. Hippo Insurancepartners with the biggest players in the industry to bring you a comprehensive and competitive service. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Hippo Insurance Hippo Insurance

Hippo Insurance

Exploring the Hippo Insurance Comparative Service

Hippo Insurance service is not quite your typical search service that brings you all sorts of results on a page, but rather works with your needs to bring you tailor made options. Hippo Insurance service helps you identify competitive service providers. One has to fill in a quotation form when inquiring on a particular service.

Let’s face it, it consumes a lot of time to manually look for information on insurance on the website. And even if browsing on the net is a breeze for you, you still have to fill in the same information on all of the different service providers. Hippo Insurance ensures that you use less time to get the information that you crucially need. You only fill one form and you are provided with various options.

The fact that the service is free to use, makes it quite useful to consumers who would want to delve in insurance matters. Hippo Insurance is like your own personal insurance consultant and you don’t pay a dime.

Want to find out how Hippo Insurance measures up to people expectations? Then better join their facebook page and find out what people are saying about the service.

Using Hippo Insurance Website

 Using the Hippo Insurance website is pretty easy for any entry level, computer user. What you need to have is your personal information at hand. Know exactly what you are looking for in an insurance policy.

For example, when searching for quotes on life insurance policy, question pertaining to smoking status (if you smoke, have quit or not) is important. Questions touching on height and weight determine your health status, so you will have to have these to get a clear picture of your options.

For policies on business insurance, Hippo Insurance connects you directly with the service provider that you prefer. Not all quote request for policies will be the same. Different quotes will require different information.

The service still requires some effort from you including, noting the difference on price and service for various insurance policies. That is the aim, to give you best options with competitive premiums.

There are various advantages in using the service:

  1. Saves time: This cannot be reiterated that you get to only fill one form and receive results that can suit your need.
  2. Saves money: You get to see the lowest premiums matched with best services
  3. Makes comparison easier: Get to see different offerings from one place. This helps you make clear cut decisions.
  4. Get quotes from established companies: Hippo Insurance deals with only the best in the business. So you can rest assured that you are receiving services from tried and tested companies.
  5. Get a wide range of products: There is a dozen range of products that you can get from the website.

Nifty Insurance Policies from Hippo Insurance

There are some insurance policies that the partner companies of Hippo Insurance offer for comparative ends. This includes pet insurance, hospital cash cover, loan insurance, scratch and dent insurance for your car!

Many more mainstream policies such as life and medical insurance are searchable in their database and it’s advisable to use this tool before jumping into the pool of insurance.

Having insurance for your assets including life, is becoming a necessary need in today’s world. Finding out the best policies in the market, can become a nightmare for any individual or company. Avoid the hassle of manually getting insurance information from different companies by using Hippo Insurance.

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Correlation in Business

Correlation in Business refers to the degree of relationship between two or more variables. Correlation   measures the strength of a relationship between two or more variables. Correlation may be linear, when all points (x, y) on a scatter diagram seem to cluster near a straight line or non linear when all points seem to lie near a curve. The degree of Correlation in Business between variables is measured using the following methods:-

  • Scatter diagram method
  • Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation
  • Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient
  • Regression line.

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Accounting Concepts

Accounting Concepts are the guidelines or rules that should be followed by all the accountants during the preparation of the ledgers, accounting books and reports. The Accounting Concepts are meant to make the financial information communicable in effective manner to all the accountants and the people who use the accounting records. Accounting Concepts are outlined by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and should be adhered to without the exception of any or to any person. For an accountant must follow all the Accounting Concepts to become an accepted qualified accountant. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Some of the major used Accounting Concepts

Accounting Concepts are many and all of them must be mastered by the accountants. Some of these Accounting Concepts include:

  1. Business entity concept which puts that every business should be treated as a person and a separate entity from its owners. Usually, the money generate from the business should remain to be business and not for individual person. It should be noted also that business transaction are not the owners transactions so personal affairs should not be brought to the business. the account is obliged to follow the Accounting Concepts by recording transactions that are only for business.
  2. Going concern concept puts that the business must continue to do business even in the future. The recording of the transactions are in the going concern meaning that there is a carrying forward of a balance for the future use. The business therefore must not show any intention or possibility of closing up. Assets are shown at a diminishing balance value instead of the market value. Going concern Accounting Concepts also puts that the liability should be paid at maturity.
  3. Money measurement Accounting Concepts requires accountant to record transactions that have money value over them. Transactions with no money value may be useful to the business as assets, but should not be put in the books. Therefore, if the need be to put the value in the records the values should be professionally estimated using various accounting tools and models. Some of the assets with the estimated money value are such as goodwill.
  4. Double aspect Accounting Concepts requires all the transaction to have two sided effect. That is each transaction there must be a debit, a credit or a debit on one side and a credit for the second part.
  5. Realization concept that requires entering of transaction when the cash has been received. For example the recording of profits when the value has been realized.

Facts on the Accounting Concepts

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Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ethics and Social Responsibility

The quest for Ethics and Social Responsibility in business/ entrepreneurial practices is a task which resembles the search for the Holy Grail. The legend of the Holy Grail originated with the belief that Joseph of Arimathea had brought the cup used for the first Eucharist to Europe and that it would appear to those in a sufficient state of grace to behold it.

Description of Ethics and Social Responsibility

The word ‘’ethics’’ in Ethics and Social Responsibility refers to both a discipline and the subject matter of that discipline- the actual values and the rules of conduct by which we live ( Solomon, 2005)

Talk of Ethics and Social Responsibility and everyone will think of a blameless, flawless and point field individual. Yet, every human being has a system of ethics. For most people, it is not a systematic system; therefore, they have to employ various ethical guides depending on the situation to help them make decisions.

However, there are people who actually prescribe systems of ethical analysis. Ethics and Social Responsibility analyses three major areas: meta-ethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. Meta in Ethics and Social Responsibility means ‘about’. Meta ethics in Ethics and Social Responsibility explores where our ethical principles came from and what they mean.

Two main issues within Meta ethics focus on the origins of ethics. It tries to establish whether morality is humanly constructed or is something that exists apart from human or both (Stanford, 2005). The key point of focus is what guides our decisions about what is right and wrong. Please refer to Business Training in Kenya

Relevance of Ethics and Social Responsibility