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What are the 4 Stages of Human Resources

The 4 Stages of Human Resources have seen Human Resource Management evolve through different processes and development to get where it is today. There are 4 stages of development that Human Resource Management has undergone through.

The 4 Stages of Human Resources


1st stage as one of the 4 Stages of Human Resources

This is the first stage of the 4 Stages of Human Resources. Human Resource Management Development marked away the movement of meeting a variety of other organizational officers. Personnel officers were added more responsibilities which include; Staffing, Training and Organizational design

During the stage earliest social scientist which included F.W Taylor, Henry Fayol, Elton Mayo, M.C Gregor and  Max Webber.

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Business Mathematics

 Business Mathematics is mathematics used by Business enterprises to record and manage their business operations. Commercial organizations  normally use mathematics in accounting  to make their financial accounts,inventory management  to manage their stock levels, marketing of their products and services, sales forecasting for the future , and in financial analysis . Business  Training in Kenya has more articles.

Business Mathematics typically includes arithmetic, algebra, economics, statistics and probabilities. Business management can be made more efficient and effective in most cases with the use of more advanced mathematics such as calculus ,matrices, algebra and linear programming and integration.

Business Mathematics normally gives people problems of understanding but not so for one who does not have an attitude against mathematics and on the understanding of the subject. Business mathematics is very essential for use in businesses

Business mathematics is a branch of mathematics just as algebra, geometry, and statistics. Business mathematics can also be referred to as arithmetic.

Scope of Business Mathematics

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Leadership and Strategic Management

Leadership and Strategic Management usually advocates for using strategy in the management of the organization’s work force and the workers. The main strategy employed in this is to motivate the workers so as to take the initiative to improve their productive capacity towards the organisation and into the company.Leadership and Strategic Management involves thinking and planning for the organization by the organization’s leaders. Leadership inspires others to take the appropriate action. It also trains and encourages employees to prepare the company for the future in the best way possible. Business Training in Kenya has more articles. Leadership and Strategic Management provides  the vision and the direction for the success and growth of any organization. In order to successfully deal with change in the organisation, all the  executives need the skills and tools for strategy formulation and implementation. Managing change requires strategic leadership which not only provides a sense of direction, but which can also build ownership and alignment within their organizations to implement the change.

Processes of Implementing Leadership and Strategic Management

Building proactive minds on a large scale is critical for the organizations which need to re-set the strategic direction and the transformation of the organization. Employees should be pointed in the right direction. They should also be able to learn and adapt concurrently. This helps to  ensure the strategy formulated will deliver what the  leaders are looking for.

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Differences between HIV and Aids

 The major Differences Between HIV and AIDS are in  the definitions. HIV normally stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is the name of the virus which normally infects the immune system and then  damages it over a period of time. AIDS is Acquired Immune–Deficiency Syndrome.
Some viruses, like those that cause the common cold, stay in the body only for a few days and they are already fought by the body’s immune system. But with HIV, once you get the virus it slowly begins to attack the immune system, killing off the healthy immune system cells. This deterioration and destruction of the body’s immune system is what leads to AIDS. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

AIDS is usually the final stage of the HIV infection. One is said to have AIDS when the CD4 cell count drops below 200 or a person has one or more opportunistic infections. A healthy person usually has a CD4 count of between six hundred and one thousand and two hundred.The opportunistic infections are normal infections that a healthy person normally would be able to fight off.