• April 14th, 2019
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Kenya Business Review: Trade and Investment Agreements

Trade and Investment Agreements are very crucial for the development of this continents’ economy. They help to determine how well the investments of this country are to promote the economy of the continent.

Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements in Relation to Trade and Investment Agreements

Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements are examples of Trade and Investment and Investment Agreements. Kenya has the following trade and investment agreements with foreign countries, some of which are already in force while others are still under negotiations. Opportunities thus exist for export of Kenyan products into these markets. The markets include;

  • EAC (East African Community), COMESA
  • (Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa)
  • EU (Europe) and ACP (African Caribbean and Pacific) Cotonou Agreement
  • Generalized System of Preferences

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  • April 14th, 2019
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Discharge of a Contract in Kenya

A Contract in Kenya is said to be discharged when the parties are freed from their mutual obligations. It is also called termination of a Contract in Kenya. Discharge of a Contract in Kenya may happen in any of the following ways.

Performance. A Contract in Kenya is said to have performed when both parties have fulfilled their end of the bargain.

Agreement. This may happen were parties to the contract by mutual agreement, agree to release each other.

Frustration or impossibility. A Contract in Kenya is said to be frustrated if an event occurs that brings its further fulfillment to an abrupt end. It is not done by either of the parties.

Breach. A Contract in Kenya is said to be breached when its terms are broken, when a party to the contract fails to honor their obligation.

Operation of the law.  This may occur where there is lapse of time, death of party, substitution or bankruptcy

Lapse of time. The law requires that a Contract in Kenya be performed within a specified period of time called a period of limitation. If these time set lapses then the contract is discharged.

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Mission Statements of Organizations in Kenya

Good Mission Statements of Organizations in Kenya are the basic purpose for which or reason why any organization exist. It is the fundamental statement of purpose of an organization and it defines the deserved level of performance of the company.

Mission Statement of Organizations in Kenya is an organization vision translated into written form and makes concrete the manager’s view of the direction and purpose of an organization. it is the overall goal of the organization that provide a sense of broad direction and a guide to decision making.

It is the focal point of the organization activities that defines both current and future organization activities. In developing organization mission management must thoroughly understand and consider the result of environmental analysis.

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Kenya Business Review:Getting Credit for Businesses in Kenya

Getting Credit for Businesses in Kenya is the catalyst that allows an economy to effectively and efficiently allocate resources. Individuals need finance to fund housing, education, and healthcare that will raise their standards of living and improve their productivity. Farmers need access to finance to invest in infrastructure, fund agricultural inputs, and bridge their incomes between harvest and sale. Manufacturers and service firms require finance to expand production and enhance productivity. Entrepreneurs require finance to fund new ventures that spur innovation and competition. Financial firms, meanwhile, act as a mechanism to distribute resources to their most effective use.

Challenges Facing Getting Credit for Businesses in Kenya

There are real problems in Getting Credit for Businesses in Kenya. They include;

  • Credit information,
  • Secured finance,
  • Closing a Business,
  • The legal reform process,

Key laws and regulations