• February 21st, 2019
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Strategic Issues Management

Strategic Issues Management can be defined as a forthcoming development, either inside or outside the organization that is likely to have an important impact or effect on the ability of the enterprise and organizations to meet its objective

Strategic issues management is very important to organizations and institutions at large. Usually strategic issues management is used by organizations to enhance the capacity to adopt to issues in the organization. This is because issues that come up in the organization either internally and externally usually have an effect on the organization and its performance. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Importance of Strategic Issues Management


Strategic Issues Management help to collect, dissemination, interpret information and also identify those issues that require managerial attention and also information interpretation

Strategic Issues Management also help in sorting out organizational routines, procedures, processes and personnel who have the responsibility of analyzing and responding to organizational issues

Strategic issues management helps to bring legitimacy on issues and take action on certain issues as required

Strategic Issues Management

  • February 21st, 2019
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Masters in Management Information Systems

 A Masters in Management Information Systems program helps students get prepared with the management and advanced technology skills needed to become a leader and decision-maker in the technology field.

Designed precisely for those with information technology experience, the Master of Information Systems Management program focuses on effectively applying technology to achieve strategic objectives in an assortment of corporate and institutional sceneries including businesses, non-profits, and government.

Assimilating management principles and perspective into advanced technology training the degree helps students in achieving Syndicate business and technology strategies in order to lead IT and IS teams in process design, integration, and implementation.

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The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

The art of electronics by Paul Horowitz is a carefully revised and simplified Second Edition of an extremely successful book. It is generally accepted as the single, reliable text and reference on electronic circuit design, equally analog and digital.  More than 120,000 copies of this book have sold, and it has been translated into eight different languages.
This book improved the ways of teaching of electronics by putting more efforts on the techniques used by circuit designers. There was a combination of essential regulations, rules of thumb, and a big sack of tricks. The consequence is basically a non-mathematical action that promotes circuit perception, brainstorming, and basic computations of circuit values and presentation.

Art of Electronics The Art of Electronics by Paul HorowitzFeatures of the Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

It is 622 pages long. It consists of very detailed worked out solutions for sections 1 to10. The solutions manual in this book is in PDF format. You are only supposed to get electronic descriptions of the solution manual but not the typical textbook. It has a soft cover which is unique and it is printed in English. It has different exercises to be tried out at the end of each and every chapter. Its condition is very brand new and it has no marks of usage. They have different designs for their covers but the content is the same, it’s printed in black, white and grey scale.

Merits and Demerits of Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

The solutions manual in this book which is in PDF format is normally sent to your email box within few hours. If you do not receive within the stated time, a contact number is always provided for you to contact the person involved. It is easy to read since it is printed in English.
The new Art of Electronics maintains the feeling of ease and simple access that helped out make the first edition so flourishing and well-liked. It is a perfect first textbook on electronics for scientists and engineers and an essential reference for anybody, specialized or recreational, who deals with electronic circuits.
For you to get the email upon the reception of the manual, you need to be registered and qualified if not your contract can be terminated.

Customer Reviews About the Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

Most people who have used this book are so happy about it and they are rating it 4 out of 5. They claim that the book has helped them gain strong and solid background in electronics and also acted as good reference material for them. It gives them wonderful depth, insight and practical skills both theoretical and base formation in electronics.
It is primarily made for practical reference work and users will notice a wide and priceless source of practical analog circuits with various factors such as amplifiers, filters and integrators. The examples and approaches are built up slowly and carefully using the guideline in the text book. This is the reason why the art of electronics by Paul Horowitz is an asset that any electricians should consider having it.

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Internet Marketing Careers

Internet Marketing Careers are increasing on day because of the realization by the businesses that the internet has a big influence on the consumers. Nowadays, many organizations are going online because the market there is great and the advertising cost is low as compared to other means of advertising. Because of these advantages of the Internet Marketing, many businesses have turned to this type of advertising. Advance in technology has enabled online marketing to grow and more opportunities are coming up that are making the advertising more effective. Therefore there has been creation of Internet Marketing Careers to support the growing demand of the online market. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

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