• July 8th, 2018
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Internet Marketing Careers

Internet Marketing Careers are increasing on day because of the realization by the businesses that the internet has a big influence on the consumers. Nowadays, many organizations are going online because the market there is great and the advertising cost is low as compared to other means of advertising. Because of these advantages of the Internet Marketing, many businesses have turned to this type of advertising. Advance in technology has enabled online marketing to grow and more opportunities are coming up that are making the advertising more effective. Therefore there has been creation of Internet Marketing Careers to support the growing demand of the online market. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

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Challenges Facing the Growth of Businesses Managed by Women in Kenya

Challenges Facing the Growth of Businesses Managed by Women in Kenya are one of the key issues affecting women who have ventured in business. Women are the key to economic growth because they are generating employment. But women-owned businesses could contribute more than what they are doing today. A growing amount of research shows that countries that fail to address gender barriers are losing out on significant economic growth. Without increased attention to the gender dimensions of economic development, Kenya is therefore unlikely to meet its growth targets. This therefore demonstrates that addressing gender barriers in Kenya could generate significant economic growth for the country. The Kenyan government recognizes that Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya have not been on an equal footing when it comes to their access to opportunities and assets but it has yet to effectively address the barriers facing women in business.

Challenges Facing the Growth of Businesses Managed by Women in Kenya

Certain Challenges Facing the Growth of Businesses Managed by Women in Kenya cause barriers in the business environment have a negative effect on women in business. The problems include;

  • Lack of Property Rights,
  • Inadequate Finance,
  • Lack of Education,
  • Managing Employees,
  • Discrimination,
  • Dealing with the City Council,
  • Poor Access to Justice.


Lack of Property Rights as one of the Challenges Facing the Growth of Businesses Managed by Women in Kenya

Lack of Property Rights is one of the Challenges Facing the Growth of Businesses Managed by Women in Kenya. It prevents Women Entrepreneurs from expanding their businesses.  Women accept that they should not own property themselves. The propensity is that it should be jointly owned. This lack of land and property is a significant barrier for Kenyan businesswomen. It translates directly into women’s inability to access bank financing needed for their business.

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Are you Ambitious to Become a Brilliant Marketer? Know about Msc Marketing Programme

Msc Marketing (Microsoft science Marketing) program provides you a basic perceptive of all marketing functions providing an approach into both marketing management and management practices. The program is aimed at ambitious graduates, who are in quest of a career in marketing, strategic management, brand management and/ or business planning in a management consultancy or a marketing agency.

It provides you with a tremendous groundwork for a marketing career or a related field and helps people who are already working in such an area to advance their careers. Business Training in Kenya gives an overview of Business Review Kenya.

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Lead Acetate

Lead Acetate also read as Lead (III) Acetate is a crystal white substance derived from treating Litharge (lead (II) oxide, PbO)   with acetic acid.  Lead Acetate is also referred to as lead diacetate.

Lead Acetate is used in low concentrated areas as a color additive in “progressive” hair dye products. Such products are applied over a period of time to achieve a gradual coloring effect. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

In the United States, Lead Acetate has been used as a color additive in progressive hair dyes for over 40 years. It was specially approved for hair dyes use based on extensive scientific studies. For approval of this use, a color additive petition was required by the Food and Drug Administration to establish safety.