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Essay on Leadership

The purpose of this essay on leadership is to define what we mean by leadership, Leader  is a broad term, open to interpretation. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

A leader must be humane; there is not a biased bone in his body. He looks at a co-worker and sees a person, not his ethnicity, his race, or his class. He links with the person, without bias. A respectable leader must be “well-informed. You do everything you can, without limit; to do what’s best for the staff and the organization.

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Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

This article deals with Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an act while entrepreneur is a person and it’s delivered from a French word “entrepredre” meaning to undertake. In earlier part of 16th century French relation regarded an entrepreneur as a person translating a profitable idea into a productive activity thus entrepreneurship refers to those undertook the risk of a new enterprise. An entrepreneur is today considered as a person who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainly for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by the business into existence. Although many people may come up with business idea most of them never act on the idea as entrepreneur who are entrepreneurship do. Business Training in Kenya has more articles .

Different Concept of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Different people have different concept of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship form their different type of views. Richard Cantillon in the 1730 considered entrepreneur and entrepreneurship as a form of self employment and considered people who pay a certain price for a product to sell at a certain price in the future. In this case entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is considered as risk bearer or uncertainty. Carl Menger of 1840 to 1921 was a French economist and considered entrepreneur and entrepreneurship as a change agent that transforms resources into useful goods and services that lead to industrial growth. It was considered as a process of value addition or a process transforming something of low value to high value in this case of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.

The other different concept of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship was brought up by Joseph Schumpeter in the year 1934 whereby he considered it as a force of creation and destruction. In this case the old ways are destroyed by the creation of new and better ways. This concept of innovation it can take several forms such as introduction of new product and or services, introduction to new method of production, introduction to new method of marketing methods and introduction to new forms of organization. While entrepreneur is a person entrepreneurship is the process involved in the creation of a new business in entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.

Characteristic of Successful Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

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Marketing Proposal

Marketing Proposal is a brief presentation of a marketing strategy. The marketing proposal includes how the project will be completed, how long the project will take and how much it will cost. Marketing proposal is usually written by advertising and marketing agencies, public relations firms, and design companies or by individuals who work in these marketing fields. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Marketing Proposal can be written when  company needs marketing, advertising or public relations project to be done by a third party, request for bids called request for proposal (RFP) is written. The request for proposal is delivered to potential vendors. The companies or individuals who want to win the job respond to request for proposal with a written Marketing Proposal. The request bid includes detailed information on what needs to be done and why.

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Purposes of Strategic Management

Purposes of Strategic Management can be derived from the benefits that are associated with strategic management. One cannot be able to tell the Purposes of Strategic Management if one doesn’t understand the actual meaning of strategic management. In more simple words strategic management is a managerial process of making strategies towards the organizational objectives and evaluating the performance of employees and adjustments according to the requirements or emerging issues. Business Training In Kenya has more articles.

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