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Business Mathematics

Business Mathematics book is written by William Kindsfather and Alton Parish. The book covers the mathematics concepts that are widely used in the business world to solve various business problems. The book is good because it does not only expand knowledge on various mathematical business models, but also shows the application of those mathematical models. Business Mathematics is among the top books in the applied mathematics for business use because of the much information it contains that is used by many employees. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

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Matrix Algebra

Matrix Algebra refers to presentation of numerical data inform of   rows and columns. Items in a matrix are referred to as elements.NB: To denote a matrix use capital letters while use small letters to denote elements. Use subscripts to denote location of an element. e.g. a22The size of a matrix is called order and is given by no. of rows X no. of columns. e.g. 4X5.

Types Of Matrices in Matrix Algebra

  1. The null/ zero matrices as a type of Matrix Algebra has all its elements as zero.

0    0

0    0

  1. Square Matrix as a type of Matrix algebra has equal number of rows and columns.

2          3          4

4          5          6

2          3          5

  1. Column Matrix as a type of Matrix Algebra has only one column.




  1. Row Matrix as a type of Matrix Algebra has only one row.

[4         6          8]

  1. Equivalent Matrices as a Type of Matrix Algebra have same order and the same elements in corresponding locations.
  2. Transpose Matrix as a type of Matrix algebra is derived from interchanging the columns and rows of the matrix. Its derived as χT

A =   3       5          7

4       6          8

AT = 3         4

5         6

7          8

  1. Diagonal Matrix as a type of Matrix Algebra is a square matrix whose elements are zero except those of principal diagonal.

1                    0

0          5

  1. Identity Matrix as a type of matrix Algebra has a diagonal matrix in which each of the diagonal elements are more than zero while all other elements are zero.

It’s denoted as I.

1          0          0

0          1          0

0          0          1


  1. Sub Matrix as a type of Matrix Algebra is obtained by deleting a particular row and column in which a particular element is located.

A =            1          0          4                     A11 =     1          5

2          1          5                                  3          6

0          3          6


  1. Determinant as a type of Matrix Algebra.

This is denoted by


2 X 2 Matrix

e.g.            a          b           [A] = ad x cb

c          d

For example

2                    5

4          3

[A] = (2 X 3) – (4 X 5) = -14.

  1. Minors of a Matrix:

Minors of a square matrix are the determinants of the minors of the square matrix denoted as M.


A =

a          b          c

d          e          f

g          h          m

M [A] =                 e          f           d          f           d          e

h          m         g          m         g          h

d          c          a          c          a          b

h          m         g          m         g          h

b          c          a          c          a          b

e          f           d          f           d          e

  1. Cofactor of a matrix.-


2          0          1

1          1          0

3          0          5
Get its minor which is:

5          5          -1                     +          -           +

-2         7          4          x          -           +          -

-1         -1         2                      +          -           +

Hence its cofactor is:

5          -5         -1

2          7          -4

-1         1          2

  1. Adjoint of a matrix- refers to the transpose of a cofactor matrix.


Refer to above example, the transpose will be:

(C of A)T

5          2          -1

-5         7          1

-1         1          2

  1. Inverse of a matrix – denoted as (A)-1 0r A-1, it is the ad joint of A divided by the determinant of A.

A-1 = Adj A/ [A].


Referring to the above example, Find its inverse

.                 5          2          -1

1/9    X      -5         7          1

-1         1          2

The inverse will be,

5/9       2/9     -1/9

-5/9      7/9       1/9

-1/9      1/9       2/9

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Variety of Writing in Communication Skill

Writing in communication skill can be grouped into several groups; one is variety of writing according to the style and writing based on content of the writing. Writing in communication skill based on the style include,

  • Notes or summaries which are always condensed or a bridge version,
  • The essay that are complete and comprehensive based on certain topics or subject,
  • The report which is a presentation of a research finding compiled by different researchers on a particular research finding.

The instruction text, information text, narrative text and personal text is another group based on the content of writing in the variety of writing in communication skill. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

The main purpose of writing in communication skill is to determine information; information that is so disseminated should be novel, punctual and worthwhile. Hence in the process of writing in communication skill, the author may inform, educate, challenge, sooth or attack a character or phenomena. Good writing should therefore be a product of careful and logical thinking since it involves learning and then producing language so that the text can be read. Writing may be defined as a process of jolting down letters or other symbol which can be read by a person who can understand the language of the writing in communication skill.

The Essay Writing in Communication Skill

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Bluetooth Marketing Software

Bluetooth Marketing Software hats a technology that uses mobile phones to market products. A mobile phone has a feature called Bluetooth that allows sending and receiving of information between gadgets supported by the feature. Bluetooth Marketing Software is effective because one can send pictures, a video promotion, a business card or an advertisement blog. Business Training in Kenya has more has more articles.