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Graduate Accounting Jobs

 Graduate accounting jobs are the most available jobs that any graduate accountant can find in her way. They usually have a variety and in a good number of companies. The accountancy field also is a very competitive field and requires a lot of aggressiveness for one to succeed in it. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Requirements from Employers of Graduate Accounting Jobs

The following are the qualifications required by the potential employers of graduate accountant jobs. One should have at least a degree in Commerce accounting option, CPA qualification is also needed but it majorly is an added advantage for some people. Some employers also wants some masters degree in the same field or a related field.  Normally employers want some working experience from the applicants but for those who have no working experience, they also could stand a chance of getting the job as well. Knowledge of computer accounting packages is also needed but this is not as primary as one will be taken through some training in case they are taken for the position. Proficiency in computer is also another fundamental requirement because in the current world there is no more manual working. Everyone is doing their things and businesses online and thus one needs to have computer basic knowledge to be of some help to any organization. Proficiency in English language is also quite important as this is what is used for communication especially in big and international companies. It is also official use language.

Employers for Graduate Accounting Jobs

The employers for accounting jobs include insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, micro financial institutions, businesses, food cafes, pubs, Nongovernmental organizations, hospitals, schools and institutions of higher learning as lecturers , Saccos, Associations, auditing firms, informal groups. In either of these organizations or institutions one can either work as an accounts clerk, account assistant, auditor, bazaar.

Future of Graduate Accounting Jobs

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Computer Science in Kenya

The main objective of learning Computer Science in Kenya is to understand the basic operations of a computer, to be able to operate a computer using basic and advanced DOS commands, prepare and present a document using a word processor, prepare and present a spreadsheet and learn how to use an application package alone. Read more in Business Training in Kenya

System Software in Computer Science in Kenya

These are general programs written for the system, which provide the environment to facilitate writing of application software in Computer Science in Kenya. They include: -

  • Compiler – for Computer Science in Kenya, it is a translator system program used to facilitate a high-level language program into a machine language program.
  • Assembler – for Computer Science in Kenya, it is another translator system program used to translate an assembly language program into machine language program.
  • Interpreter – for Computer Science in Kenya, it is also a translator program used to translate a high-level language program into a machine language program but it translates and executes line by line.
  • Loader – for Computer Science in Kenya, it is a system program used to store the machine language program into the memory of the computer.

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The Steps to Effective Selection Process in Kenya

The Steps to Effective Selection Process in Kenya


Effective Selection Process in Kenya is the process of choosing the most the potential candidate from the pool developed during the recruitment process. It aims at sorting out the less potential so as to end with the most suitable candidates who can meet the organization requirements. The article Business Training in Kenya also has some more information that may be of interest.

The following things should also be taken into consideration;

  1. company policy
  2. availability of money devoted to selection
  3. level and complexity of the job
  4. possible consequences of poor selection
  5. number of applicants


 The Steps to Effective Selection Process in KenyaModel Procedure for the Effective Selection Process in Kenya

  • Shortlisting of candidates and inviting them for interview.
  • Preliminary interview.
  • Filling of application forms.
  • Actual interview.
  • Selection tests.
  • Investigating the candidate’s background.
  • Medical examination.
  • Appointment.

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Learn All about Marketing Proposal Template for a Stable Business Structures

Marketing Proposal Template is a very important tool for any business. It is used by a seller or a service provider before settling terms with the potential clients. It’s considered to be the main step in composite sales procedures and helps prospective clients understand the service provider’s perspective as far as market study and other marketing related strategies are apprehensive. Business Training in Kenya gives an overview of Business review Kenya.

Steps on How to Write Strong Marketing Proposal Template

Marketing Proposal Template 300x192 Learn All about Marketing Proposal Template for a Stable Business StructuresYour marketing proposal template can make or break a business deal, whether you are trying to acquire a new client or sell an idea. It needs to be clear, concise and mostly needs to be persuasive. This could be your one shot with the potential client. You need to learn the prospective client’s needs and be prepared to convince them that your organization is the best. Write a winning market proposal template, follow the steps below;

Create an outline, afterwards prepare a rough draft. You may write several drafts before you have completed your market proposal template.
Prepare a prologue to your proposal. Do not cringe or copiously thank the prospective client for the opportunity, the client may tend to think that you are unprofessional and inexperienced. On the other side don’t sound arrogant. Plainly state brief facts about your organization.
Although the client may be familiar of what she needs, you should educate them on the full scope of what you can provide and how they will benefit from them. This will show that you understand your client perfectly well.
Show methods of providing whatever it is your potential clients’ wants. This can be done through a combination of charts and slides or through document. State product characteristics and performance, include timeline; from start to completion.
If Prospective clients have sent you a request for market proposal template, read it carefully.  Most of them include guidelines regarding submission of the proposal template.
Show the prospective clients how they will benefit by associating with your organization. Finish by recapping the marketing proposal template.
Show the client how he will gain by employing you to do the job. Finish by summarizing what you have told him, and add a probable starting date.

Features of Marketing Proposal Template Document

A market proposal template contains the following features;
Document Number
The buyer
The seller
Address of the buyer and seller
Contact details
Item of sell/buy
Details of proposal that include; overview, business opportunity, services and solutions provided, and marketing strategy
Details of products and services
Three signatories that for the buyer, seller and witness

A sample of a Marketing Proposal Template

Marketing Proposal Template
Document number: ___________________
Date: –/–/—- [dd/mm/yy]
The Buyer: __________________________
Permanent Address: _______________________
Working Phone: ____________________
The Seller: _______________________
Permanent Address: ______________________
Working Phone: ______________________
(Contact details for both the parties)
Item of sale/buy: _________________ (Name of the merchandise)
Details of proposal:

Overview of the business:
Market Opportunity:
Services and solutions provided:
Marketing strategy:
Details of the products and services:
________________    _______________________________________
________________    _______________________________________
________________    _______________________________________
Acceptance Signature Block:

Sign of Buyer: ___________________________
Sign of Seller: ____________________________ [Both parties are approving the proposal by signing]
Sign of a witness: _______________________

customize the form according to your needs then print it. These forms are either in Ms Word, PDF or Ms excel. You can download the forms from internet on free marketing proposal template.

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