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Business Mathematics Worktext

Business Mathematics Worktext is a well written applied mathematics books for the business field that will help a student to solve mathematics related problems. The book has also included computer database or spreadsheet exercises that are helpful in understanding and solving the daily business issues or problems. The book Business Mathematics Worktext is useful in the algebra based business subjects offered in the technical schools, college level and in the universities. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

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Human Resources Planning in Kenya

Human Resources Planning in Kenya is a very important process which entails forecasting the future of an organization by considering the employee turnover in order to determine the future staffing needs and work towards having the right number of employees with right skills at the right time and location. Human Resources Planning in Kenya is geared towards optimizing the human resources with an aim of attaining maximum profits. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

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Ways of Communication

The media of communication is also known as a ways of communication. There are three ways of communication oral communication, written communication and verbal communication. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Factors to be considered in Choosing Ways of Communication

There are a number of factors to be considered in choosing the communication media to be used. The factors include:

Feedback: The feedback that a person requires determines a lot the media to be used in communication. If one requires immediate feedback one would rather use a media that enables him to get the feedback as soon as possible like telephones. But if someone is not in a hurry to get the feedback he can use such media as postal offices. It also depends with the nature of the given feedback. There are some which demand a high level of privacy, there are some which are quite delicate and other are too bulky. All these determine a lot the kind of feedback that one requires to get from a given respondent. One may also be in need of an oral or written feedback. The respondent must act accordingly.

Urgency or speed with which a given response is needed also determines a lot the kind of media that one can use to get a given feedback. If the feedback is needed almost immediately media that enhance fast delivery will be used and if it does not require immediate delivery also the appropriate media will be used.

Cost of the media to be used: The cost of the various media to be used also determines which media can or cannot be used. This will depend on the importance attached to the given message to be delivered.

Confidentiality of the Message: Some messages require high standards of confidentiality and this has to be observed in choosing the media of communication to ensure that confidentiality is observed.

Number of receivers registered: The number of recipients of the message also determines a lot the media of communication to be adopted. If there are a lot of people to whom the message is to be sent the media should be chosen appropriately and if there is only one recipient also the media should be adequately chosen.

Distance: The distance through which the message is to go through is also a determining factor of the media to be used in communication. The most appropriate media should be chosen for the given message.

Volume of the Information: The volume of work to be sent to a given recipient is another factor of consideration. The media chosen should be able to support the bulk of work being sent to a particular recipient.

Complexity of the Information: The more complex the message the more complex the media chosen for its delivery.

Image to be created: Some messages are just delivered provided it reaches the recipient but some have some importance attached to them. Such messages have to be delivered in the most desirable and presentable way. The media for delivering them has thus to be adequately chosen to suit them.

The other factors include level of understanding, authority to execute, level of accuracy, possible barriers and ease of elimination.

Ways of Communication

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What is Electronic Data Interchange?

The following information is about Electronic Data Interchange and the impact it has brought in information technology.