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Goods in a Deliverable State

Goods in a Deliverable State are an aspect under transfer of property in Goods in Kenya. It is a very crucial topic especially in business related fields. The precise moment at which property of goods passes from the seller to the buyer is of great importance.

Rules regarding Transfer of Goods in a Deliverable State

Rules regarding transfer of Goods in a Deliverable State may be considered from two dimensions.

  • Transfer in specific or ascertained Goods  in a Deliverable State
  • Transfer in un-ascertained or future Goods in a Deliverable State

Transfer in Specific or Ascertained Goods in a Deliverable State

Transfer in Specific or Ascertained Goods in a Deliverable State is one of the rules regarding transfer of Goods in a Deliverable State.The parties to the contract determine when property is transferred be it at the time of making the contract or at delivery. In the absence of such express terms the following rules will apply.When Goods in a Deliverable State in Kenya are transferred at the time of contracting regardless of when the price is to be paid or delivery to be made.

When Goods in a Deliverable State are ready for transfer the buyer must be notified.When Goods in a Deliverable State have to be measured to ascertain price in which case the buyer must be notified once the goods have been ascertained.When goods are delivered on approval then property is passed when;

  • The buyer signifies his approval or acceptance or does any to adapt the transaction
  • The buyer retains the good without giving notice of rejection beyond a time fixed for the return of goods.

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Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

One of the most common insurance policies is the Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage. For all states and countries, Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage is required. The amount will differ from state to state but the end is simple. Insurance covers your car, motorbike and other forms of transportation, from risks of accidents and bodily injury to you and your passengers.

Getting insurance for your mode of transport is not so hard.  Countless insurance companies offer solutions for Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage. Their aspects might be the same but they might differ from what they offer and their terms and conditions. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage2 Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Where to Search for Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Apart from the companies that are around your area, you could always do a directory search for companies that offer this coverage. Most of these directories are online. Information on various companies can be obtained from intelligent inquiry on search engines.

Most car sellers also have good information on which Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage to opt for. They work with motor insurance company to get you to purchase the insurance right from their motor shops. You can easily inquire on what they offer and how much they charge for their coverage.

Another simple way to search for Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage is by doing an online search from online quote companies. This gives you an easy way to compare services and prices from one central place. One big advantage of these online quotes is that you get to fill only one form and it returns with various options that you could use. Most of the online quote sites, work with established companies around your area so you would be getting good estimates of service and cost.

Considerations Before Opting for Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Firstly, know what kind of law applies to where you are. As stated earlier, not all regions will require the same thing in Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage. Most regions though prefer that you have some sought of insurance.

Secondly, know the car you have, and how old it is. This consideration determines the amount of premium that you will be required to pay on a monthly basis. For example, different cars have different maintenance needs and cost. Their spare parts also cost differently.

What is your driving rate and experience? Do you have a lot of traffic offense on record? Most companies will consider this as a risk factor. So when you always drive well, know your premiums for Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage will be considerably low.

 What is Entailed in Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage?

So what do you expect when purchasing a motor vehicle cover? There are the fundamentals and then there are other services that various company offer as an added advantage to you. The added advantages are marketing tools to attract clients. But they should not be substituted for the fundamental coverage.

Get a coverage that will compensate you in a collision accident, either with another car or object. This Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage is common and the most basic of the insurance products.

Third Party Liability: Make sure that you and your passengers are protected in case of any accidents. For most public vehicles like taxis are advised to have this cover in case of accidents.

Obtaining a comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage is an added advantage cause most policies of this nature protect you from other incidences like, fire, natural disasters, vandalism and theft, that might affect your vehicle.

These three aspects of motor insurance are the most common and important. Others do differ on various companies and their target clients. Take time and do research before obtaining your Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage.

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Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya

Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya are the key to economic growth because they are generating employment. But women-owned businesses could contribute more than what they are doing today. A growing amount of research shows that countries that fail to address gender barriers are losing out on significant economic growth. Without increased attention to the gender dimensions of economic development, Kenya is therefore unlikely to meet its growth targets. This therefore demonstrates that addressing gender barriers in Kenya could generate significant economic growth for the country. The Kenyan government recognizes that Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya have not been on an equal footing when it comes to their access to opportunities and assets but it has yet to effectively address the barriers facing women in business.

Barriers Facing Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya

Certain barriers in the business environment have a disproportionate effect on Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya. The Barriers include;

  • Lack of Education,
  • Inadequate Finance,
  • Poor Access to Justice.
  • Managing Employees,
  • Discrimination,
  • Dealing with the City Council,
  • Lack of Property Rights,

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Agents in Kenya

Agents in Kenya


An Agent in Kenya is a person employed to do any act for another or to represent a person in dealings with a third person. The person for whom the act is done is called a principal. The contract that creates the relationship of principal and agent is called an agency.

In an agency the principal and the third party must have contractual capacity but not necessarily the agent.

Classification of Agents in Kenya

Agents in Kenya can be classified from two dimensions, extent of their authority and nature of their work.

Classification of Agents in Kenya by the Extent of Their Authority

A General agent is a person who is employed to do all acts connected with a particular business or employment.

A Special agent is a person who can represent his principal in some specific transaction.

Universal agent is one whose authority is unlimited he can do everything that the principal can lawfully do.


 Agents in KenyaClassification of Agents in Kenya by the Work they Perform

The different types of agents in Kenya are Brokers, Factors, Commission agents, Del Credere, Forwarding Agents, Auctioneers, non Mercantile Agents

A broker is n agent who represents the principal in negotiating a purchase without physically handling the goods involved. He does not posses the goods and can’t change the principals pricing and on neither sell in his own name and has no authority to receive payment.

Factors are agent who sells goods in his possession on behalf of his principal. He possesses the goods that he sells, receives payments and gives valid receipts. He has legal possession and has  lien on the goods in his possession for all charges and expenses incurred by him.