• January 19th, 2018
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Old Testament People without Christ

This article discusses Old Testament People without Christ.The main theme of the Bible is Christ.  In this lesson, I am going to expose some Old Testament people without Christ.  These people all failed by failing to hold to the covenant that God wanted.  After the fall of man, the Lord required his people in the Old Testament to hold to a fore shadow of Christ through: 1). The Offspring of the woman, 2). Blood sacrifice, 3). Noah’s Ark, 4). The Bronze snake, 5). Spiritual Rock and The cities of Refuge. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Cain is among the Old Testament People without Christ

In a time where God wanted people to give sacrifices of blood being a fore shadow of Christ, Cain did not embrace this covenant.  He instead decided to worship according to his thoughts giving for form produce.

People Outside Noah’s Ark, are among Old Testament People without Christ

 Old Testament People without ChristNoah’s time was an age where every one’s thought was evil all the Time.  In his time, God ordered Noah to build an Ark that they could be saved.  Those who entered inside the Ark are like those inside Christ.  Those outside The Ark are like those outside Christ.    Just the way those outside the Ark perished, every one outside Christ will in the end perish.

People building the Tower Of Babel were among Old Testament People without Christ

These people came together to build for them selves a city with a tower that reaches to the Heavens.  The motive behind that was not for Christ or according to God’s will.   They wanted to make a name for them selves.  In other words, they thought that they could succeed without God.  The Lord confused their language making it difficult for them to continue building together.

People in the wilderness who did not look to the Bronze snake, were among Old Testament people without Christ.

In the wilderness, there were poisonous snakes which were biting and killing Israelites.  The Lord commanded Moses to make a bronze snake.  When bitten by a snake, you were expected to just look at the bronze snake and you would leave.   Some stubborn people ignored those instructions and thus ended up dying.

Those who did not run to the cities of refuge after killing some one, were among Old Testament People without Christ

In Genesi35:6, we see that there were six towns which were cities of refuge.  Whenever you accidentally killed some one, you would run to these towns.  These towns were a fore shadow of Christ.  Criminal who did not run to the cities of refuge, ended up being killed.

Jesus already came.  He was born of a virgin, died and resurrected from the dead as evidence that he is the Christ the way prophets had prophesied.  May we all belief in Christ and accept him lest we perish like the Old Testament people without Christ.




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