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Mission Organizations in Kenya

Mission Organizations in Kenya are the basic purpose for which or reason why any organization exist. It is the fundamental statement of purpose of an organization and it defines the deserved level of performance of the company.

Mission Organizations in Kenya is an organization vision translated into written form and makes concrete the manager’s view of the direction and purpose of an organization. It is the overall goal of the organization that provides a sense of broad direction and a guide to decision making.

It is the focal point of the organization activities that defines both current and future organization activities. In developing organization mission management must thoroughly understand and consider the result of environmental analysis.

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Importance of establishing good Mission Organizations in Kenya

Effective Mission Organizations in Kenya is important to the organization success because of the following;

One of the importance’s of establishing good Mission Organizations in Kenya is that it defines the overall organization vision by defining the path to realize it.

Mission Organizations in Kenya helps to determine the coordination of organization activities by providing a framework for all members to work together to achieve a common purpose.

It determines the relationship in each of the key markets with which the organization interacts.

Mission Organizations in Kenya provides a sense of direction and purpose which leads to a better independent decision making and setting of priorities at all levels of management.

The effect of a good mission statement on the Businesses in Kenya is providing the basis or rationale for organization resource and location i.e. allocation of both human and non human resources.

It determines various organization job responsibilities or job position necessary to produce goods and services

It forms the basis of developing org objectives and strategies. Objectives and strategies must be consistent and be in support of the mission statement

Mission Organizations in Kenya defines the organizations culture by defining values and beliefs to be held while carrying out activities to achieve the mission

A mission statement affects decisions of stakeholders e.g. investment or communication projects

A mission statement must be clearly communicated to avoid misunderstanding of organizations purpose

 Mission Organizations in KenyaCharacteristics of Sound Mission Organizations in Kenya

The following considerations are important in developing Mission Organizations in Kenya;

Defining a specific target market or groups or audience for the mission and their relative expectations e.g. customers, employees, shareholders, supplies, stakeholders in general

There should be a balance between the narrowness and the breadth of the mission i.e. avoid too narrow or too broad mission statements

Determine the type of business the organization is in at what business it should be in i.e. provide the strategic market options such as market penetration, market development, product development and diversification strategies

Uniqueness- Mission Organizations in Kenya must be unique to the org in order to provide competitive advantage or differentiation and to minimize substantially by others

Should be market oriented rather than product oriented i.e. focus on the needs of the customers rather than product features and attributes

Components of Mission Organizations in Kenya

Components of Mission Organizations in Kenya are the kind of information contained in a mission statement. It varies from one organization to another but it should include the following areas:

Company product- the principal product produced and delivered in the organization must be identified in the statement

Market or customers- Mission Organizations in Kenya should also define the target market by answering the following questions:

  • Who are the customers
  • Where are they located
  • How did they buy our products
  • How much
  • How can they be reached
  • What do they look for when buying the products

Business activities- Mission Organizations in Kenya should be concerned with current and future business activities including those of potential customers. This should address issues such as:

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  • What are the market trends in the potential market
  • What changes in market structure might occur as a result of development, competitive activities
  • What innovations will change the customers buying habits
  • What needs does that the customer feel that it has not been adequately addressed

Technology- this addresses the firm’s basic technologies. The information provided here should include tools, machinery, materials, techniques and processes used to produce goods and services

Organizations self concept- this refers to the organization view or impression about itself through the assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, competition and the ability to survive in the market place

Organizations philosophy- Mission Organizations in Kenya should reflect on the organization basic beliefs and values that should guide all members in conducting organization business. It establishes the organization values, beliefs about business, humanity and its role to society and the world at large.

Business Training in Kenya has more information on this topic.

Conclusion on Setting up Mission Organizations in Kenya

All this information is suitable for one to understand the importance of setting up a good mission statement and thus the importance of Mission Organizations in Kenya



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