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Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design is a second edition book authored by Peter, R.N., and Eng. F.I. Mech. E. It can be purchased from Amazon.com at $56.95.

Editorial reviews describe Mechanical Design as a general textbook for Mechanical engineering design courses. The book contains an in-depth look at gears, shafts and bearings among numerous other mechanical devices. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Mechanical Design1 Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design book

It is defined as the excellent book for detailed design students, and for those taking post graduate training in mechanical design. Mechanical Design is an excellent one especially for those pursuing design for specific components or for a specific design application. It contains enough procedural and theoretical information and is highly recommended. It is an ideal guide to the subject of the total design for students and for the mechanical engineering.

Mechanical Design Structure

This book has 384 pages published by Butter worth- Heinemann. It is a second edition written in English. It ranked 1,107,502 in the Amazon best sellers books. It has two ISBN numbers -10:0750657715 and13:978-0750657716. Its dimensions are 9.6 x 7.5 x 0.9 inches and the allowed shipping weight is of 1.5 pounds. One day shipping price is approximately $47.54, with other varying policies and regulations being described.

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The first sentence of the book defines the term ‘design’ as the object’s aesthetic appearance with reference to its outward form.

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Some of the statistically improbable phrases include total design model, axial bush seal, total design activity, allowable contact stress, fulfilling subsystem, boundary lubricated bearing, works cost price, lubricant floss rate, brake geometry, individual machine elements, lubricant temperature rise and specification, among others

The capitalized phrases include British standards institution, engineering design, nomenclature generally, prentice hall, American Gear manufacturer, courtesy of fanner power transmission, fundamentals of machine components, and gears table, amongst numerous others.

Mechanical Design Citations

Mechanical Design cites about 66, some of which include Standard handbook of machine design by Joseph Shigley, Rotary Power transmission by design by Ken, Hurst, Machine design: with engineering design by Juvinall among many others. The book is cited on the following books, mechanical design by Peter Childs B.sc (Hons.), D. Phil C. eng F.I. and Mech. E; differential equations and nonlinear mechanics (mathematics and its implications) by K. Vajravelu and advances in nonlinear Dynamics in china (the Delft lecture Note series) by Wenhu Huang.

Customer reviews describe Mechanical Design as a reasonably up to date reference book for general mechanical design. Its well organized structures include typical trial and error calculations that simulate to real life designs. And thus  Mechanical Design book

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