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Masters in Management Information Systems

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 A Masters in Management Information Systems program helps students get prepared with the management and advanced technology skills needed to become a leader and decision-maker in the technology field.

Designed precisely for those with information technology experience, the Master of Information Systems Management program focuses on effectively applying technology to achieve strategic objectives in an assortment of corporate and institutional sceneries including businesses, non-profits, and government.

Assimilating management principles and perspective into advanced technology training the degree helps students in achieving Syndicate business and technology strategies in order to lead IT and IS teams in process design, integration, and implementation.

Masters in Management Information Systems1 Masters in Management Information SystemsMasters in Management Information Systems: Concentrations of the Degree

The degree MIS aids the students in mastering courses which reflect life and reality situations in the work place, thus enabling the alumnae to work on solving problems and coming up with better programs to smoothly run the institutions they will be in.

These modules include;

I.          Business Information Management

II.          Enterprise Information Security

III.          Health Informatics

IV.          IT Strategy and Governance

V.          Managing Global Software and Service Supply Chains

VI.          Project Management

These units ensures that the scholar applies; Established management skills while extending their knowledge of information systems, Generate and manage information systems, processes, and services—internally or as an outside consultant, Attain critical skills to undertake a senior-level position, such as Chief Information Officer, IS manager, IT strategist, and technology risk manager.


a)      Business Information Management

b)      Enterprise Information Security

c)      Health Informatics

d)      IT Strategy and Governance

e)      Managing Global Software and Service Supply Chains

f)       Project Management

Masters in Management Information Systems: Information Systems Management

This attentiveness is envisioned to prepare scholars for executive careers in management of information systems functions, or management of organizations that involve intensive use of information technology, or a career in consulting that builds on expertise in the information systems area.

Information Systems Development and Project Management: This absorption is envisioned to prepare scholars for leadership careers in the area of information systems development, information systems project management, and information systems quality assurance and information systems integration.

The Wireless Organization:  This absorption is envisioned to prepare scholars for careers as experts in the design or redesign of information systems or the incorporating of organizations in order to lead these organizations to advantages derived from mobile information devices, wireless information systems, location-aware computing and ubiquitous computing strategies.

Health Informatics: This absorption is envisioned to prepare scholars for executive careers in the management of information resources for health administration and operations in health-related organizations.  Alumnae of this program will help the industry effectively adopt information technology to innovate and improve its health services and the way they are administrated.

Masters in Management Information Systems: Merits

The MS in MIS is moulded in a way that it develops information technology (IT) professionals who can manage, lead, develop, and evaluate organizational information systems.

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The Masters in Management Information systems program focuses on in-depth knowledge of information technology with business and Customizable program of study with focus on different industries and areas.

And thus Masters in Management Information Systems







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