• March 4th, 2018
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Master of Science in Management Information Systems

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 The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS)package is available to scholars who have accomplished an undergraduate degree in business or a closely related field. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Scholars without a business background may apply to the program but will are required to take a two-course sequence: MGG 501 and 502, introduction to Business I and II.  These courses are usually taken concurrently with the MIS curriculum requiring an 18- or 19-credit-hour program each semester. This added requirement seeks to ensure that all alumnae have an understanding of the functional areas of business in which they will be applying their new MIS skills


Master of Science in Management Information Systems2 Master of Science in Management Information Systems

Master of Science in Management Information Systems: Breakdown of the Degree

This Degree basically entails MIS which means; Management information system is the application of computer related technology to managerial programs. Obviously a heavy technical component is embedded in the coursework, but the package also presents students with the broad perspective desired to advance in their managerial careers.

Scholars get a chance to explore the application of computerized information systems, including Web technologies, to run a modern technology-based business. The Web, via e-commerce, has created a great revolution in consumer-to-business and business-to-business transactions.

The business analysts of the future should be able to identify how the Web-based technologies can be applied to solving the existing and the new problems and how to leverage new technology to realize strategic opportunities.

Scholars will receive exposure to networking and data communications, database management systems, distributed computing and to various systems analysis and design development strategies.

Master of Science in Management Information Systems: Professional Prospects

The thrust of this program is to provide an individual with the awareness to significance in a management consultancy firm, as a part of a functional business unit, as an e-business entrepreneur or as part of a traditional information systems group.

Alumnae of the program are projected to fall into one of the following career paths: information systems consultant/analyst with a large consulting firm, systems analyst within an old-fashioned information systems department or a systems analyst within a functional unit such as marketing, human resources finance or operations.

The program affords scholars the prospect to earn external certifications in areas such as information systems auditing, networking (CISCO, Microsoft) or databases (Oracle) while pursuing the MS in MIS program. Many scholars have taken advantage of these options and found their career opportunity vastly enhanced.

The degree easily blends theory and practice into a learning experience that develops skills applicable to complex real-world problems, thus enabling the alumnae to work effectively in their careers.

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Master of Science in Management Information Systems: Health Informatics

Health Informatics concentration is envisioned to prepare scholars for executive careers in the management of information resources for health administration and operations in health-related organizations.  Alumnae of this program will help the industry efficiently adopt information technology to revolutionise and advance its health services and the way they are administrated. Anyone who settles for a Master of Science in Management Information Systems is guaranteed of a well-positioned job. And thus  Master of Science in Management Information Systems






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