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Marketing Barriers

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Marketing barriers are factors that hinder the marketing process of goods or services of a given business. They can either be to already established businesses or to new businesses. The barriers can come from either the government or the operating environment of these businesses like from competitors. Businesses must find ways of overcoming these barriers and continue their business operation. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

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Sources of Marketing Barriers

There are various forms or sources of marketing barriers. They include:

Government Barriers: These occur when the government places restrictions to trade like tariffs, quotas, high taxes. These prevent entry into market places or engaging in certain business and even discourage one from engaging in international. Politics can also be another barrier to trade if some like in warring nations

Financial Barriers: Financial barriers are seen when some businesses require a higher amount of startup capital than the other, high licensing fees, class segregation, and difficulty in obtaining loans to manage the business as a result of lack of security. In some cases also there is the advantage of economies of large scale production and thus those businesses which do their production in large scale do it at a much cheaper cost that those doing it in small scale

Marketing Barriers  Marketing Barriers

Marketing Barriers

Customer Barriers: Customers can also be a source of barrier to businesses. Some businesses are capable of attracting customers faster that other and they also have a larger brand loyal population than their fellows. This hinders those businesses that do not have loyal customers to grow at a much slower rate than their fellows

Distribution Barriers:  Distribution is a problem mainly faced by business that deal in bulky products  that the customer prefers to be delivered to them and also such businesses cannot easily to move around with their products. It is very expensive to do this especially if they have to use hired means of transportation. Such businesses grow slower than their fellows that can conveniently do delivery for their clients

Copyright Barriers: This barrier mainly affects intellectual property marketers. This is usually seen when one fears to produce a product that is an imitation of another though more appealing for the client’s use for fear of lawsuits in relation to copyright infringement. They thus must wait till the owner’s patent expires

Language Barrier: This is also another barrier to marketing especially those doing business a way from home. It takes some time to overcome but one might already have lost a lot.

 Overcoming Marketing Barriers

These barriers can be overcome by a number of ways like:

The government can reduce tariff barriers to enable smooth international trade.

Ensure exchange control

468x60 10  Marketing Barriers

Removing non tariff barriers

Encouraging subsidies especially to products that are mostly consumed by its citizens

Encouraging nation to practice economic integration

Advocating for peace among nations

 Conclusion on Marketing Barriers

Marketing barriers are seen as a major impediment to the growth of businesses, individuals and the economy at large. The government should therefore come up with ways of breaking these barriers and ensuring their citizens do business in the most comfortable ways. Overcoming marketing barriers is a collective responsibility of both the citizens and the government of a given nation. Marketing Barriers are discussed in this article.


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