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Leadership PPT

In order to well define Leadership PPT, we first of all have to carefully understand this phrase; “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things”. You see when you’re a manager; you learn how to do things according to the set guide rules, as opposed to a leader who has to think outside the box and is able to do things outside the set guidelines and achieve the success they wanted. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Leadership PPT2 Leadership PPT

Leadership PPT

In order to learn more about Leadership PPT we first of all have to see the correct structure effective leaders abide to; some of these rules include:

  • Living with integrity, lead by example
  • Developing a winning strategy or “big idea”
  • Building a great management team
  • Inspiring employees to greatness
  • Creating a flexible, responsive organization
  • Using reinforcing management systems

Leadership PPT in Leadership Styles

Leadership styles vary, between Autocratic leadership, Democratic leader, Laissez-Faire (Paternalistic) leadership.

Autocratic Leadership

Autocratic leadership is said to be equal to dictatorship where only one person has the authority over the followers or workers. An autocratic Leader’s decision has to be taken as the golden rule and should never be questioned.  Such a leader is known for;

  • Leader makes decisions without reference to anyone else
  • High degree of dependency on the leader
  • Can create de-motivation and alienation
    of staff
  • May be valuable in some types of business where decisions need to be made quickly and decisively

Democratic Leadership

Democratic leadership is one that the leader engages and welcomes ideas from the staff he is leading, in such leadership style the workers are involved in decision making which allows them to share in running the organization. Some more qualities include;

  • Encourages decision making from the staff
  • Different perspectives – leadership may be emphasized throughout the organization
  • Persuasive: Leader takes decision and seeks to persuade others that the decision
    is correct


Laissez-Faire Leadership

Laissez-faire style of leadership means that anyone and everyone are empowered with the opportunity to take their own decisions. Some more points of this kind of leadership include;

  • ‘Let it be’ – the leadership responsibilities
    are shared by all
  • Can be very useful in businesses
    where creative ideas are important
  • Can be highly motivational,
    as people have control over their working life
  • Can make coordination and decision making
    time-consuming and lacking in overall direction
  • Relies on good team work
  • Relies on good interpersonal relations

Leadership PPT for change Leadership

The most puzzling aspect of trade is leading and handling change, the business environment is subject to fast-paced economic and social change, modern business must adapt and be flexible to survive.

Theories of Leadership

Theories of leadership vary in many ways which include

Behavioral: Imply that leaders can be trained – focus on the way of doing things, Structure based behavioral theories – focus on the leader instituting structures – task orientated.

Relationship based behavioral theories – focus on the development and maintenance of relationships – process orientated.

Contingency Theories: Leadership as being more flexible – different leadership styles used at different times depending on the circumstance.

Leadership PPT on factors affecting leadership Style

Leadership style may be dependent on various factors:

  1. Risk – decision making and change initiatives
    based on degree of risk involved
  2. Type of business – creative business or supply driven
  3. How  important change is – change for change’s sake
  4. Nature of the task – needing cooperation, direction, structure

These are just but a few pointers on effective Leadership PPT.







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