• December 15th, 2017
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Leadership Development Plan

This article will deal with the Leadership Development PlanComing from a managerial position and stepping into a leadership position needs someone who has created a personal leadership development plan clearly stating his vision, mission and goal in order for the leadership development plan to take foot. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

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Transitioning from being a boss or a manager to a true leader is a process of self contemplation, planning and execution. A leader is the one who leads from the front, sets the standards and earns the respect of his followers through his standard visualization and actions.

Leadership Development Plan Leadership Development Plan

Leadership Development Plan: Knowing what a Personal Leadership Development Plan Entails;

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. Importance of action in leadership and action has to be guided by a vision and plan, a personal leadership development plan has a detailed analysis of what are your strengths and weaknesses are and what is your vision as a leader.

By creating an action road map for you as a leader of an organization and what are the changes you need to make to increase your personal, as well as the organization’s productivity you need to observe;

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Leadership Thinking

Different types of leadership styles like, participative, consultative, directive and negotiated all are styles that should be thoroughly researched and learnt for one to become a true leader. Great leaders seem too strong on visioning and persuasive communications. Certainly a coaching leadership style is being touted as the answer to employee engagement challenges.

For a personal leadership development plan to work, you need to ask yourself questions like, what kind leader do you want to be? What are your natural leadership styles? What kind of leader does your organization need right now?

Leadership Development Plan: Creating a Leadership Development Plan

Thinking as an outsider is the best way to analyze your leadership style without bias. As a leader, you are responsible for every one that follows you and your leadership expansion plan has to include a motivational plan that you can implement to bring out the best.

To create a precise personal leadership development plan, you need to go through a process of extensive introspection about your own leadership style, the working of your organization, its strengths, weaknesses and the work culture you have created.

Your leadership development plan has to include the goals you plan to achieve as a leader, the ways in which you plan to achieve them and the way you are going to motivate your workforce to achieve those goals. A great leader inspires his followers to reach higher levels of excellence.

Talk to your mentors and ask for a frank analysis of your leadership style. That may give you an idea about where you are going wrong.

Leadership Development Plan: Creating a Leader

The development of “high potentials” to effectively take over the current leadership when their time comes to exit their positions is what any organization which wants to be relevant in future should embark on.

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 Organizations have to understand that leadership can also be developed by strengthening the connection between, and alignment of, the efforts of individual leaders and the systems through which they influence organizational operations.

A leadership development plan is very healthy and vital for any up coming leader who wants to be relevant in future! And thus leadership development plan.

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