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Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication is the act of bringing together all the marketing communication models, channels, tools, functions and also the communication sources to form a one faultless and effective marketing communication program that will be effective in reaching the company consumers and end users at a reduced cost. Integrated Marketing Communication efforts bring cross-functional marketing processes that help to form and nourish good relationships between the organization and its clients. The Integrated Marketing Communication process is touches the organization transactions to other businesses, the marketing channel, the customer improvement strategies and the communications within the organization. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Various levels of Integrated Marketing Communication in the organization

Integrated Marketing Communication occurs at different working levels in an organization. This is when the Integrated Marketing Communication extends more to the organization departments rather than the communication tools. The levels of integration include;

  1. Horizontal level Integrated Marketing Communication. This type of integration is experienced in the marketing mix and in other major department of the organization. For instance, the production section, the accounting and finance department and the sales and distribution section which it might be effective if it interacts with the customer relations department.
  2. Vertical integration is concerned with communication coming from the top manager to junior workers or vice versa. In the vertical integration, the marketing and the communication goal is to assist the board of directors in forming effective corporate goals.
  3. Internal Integrated Marketing Communication ensure that there is enough and effective marketing communication within the organization workers. For example, the workers should be informed of the upcoming type of advertisement.
  4. External integration ensures that the organization and its clients work together to come up with workable strategies that will improve the firm marketing programs. For example, the Integrated Marketing Communication between the company and the advertising agencies.

Benefits of the Integrated Marketing Communication to the organization

Integrated Marketing Communication2 Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication brings many advantages to the workers and the organization at large. The first and the main advantage is the creation of an organization competitive advantage. If the workers are in the right communication channel, then it is easy for them to work together for the advantage of the organization. It is also possible for the organization to boost revenue and maximize on profits. Moreover, the company can save on a lot of costs and time under the competitive advantage. A company image is made better and the relation between the customer and the organization is made better. Integrated Marketing Communication sent messages is enough to make a customer to be loyal to the organization therefore increasing the number of customers to the organization or improving the organization marketing capacity.

Barriers to Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication is affected by many things that prevent its success in the organization. One of the barriers of Integrated Marketing Communication is the employees’ resistance to change or the negative attitude they will have that will affect the integration process. Other problems affecting Integrated Marketing Communication are;

  • Rigid organizational company structures, whereby the managers do not allow the junior employees to exercise their roles. Therefore, there is no chance for employees to take change.
  • Organization structures that prevent communication between departments, managers and the workers prevent Integrated Marketing Communication from the beginning.
  • Lack of good relationships or respect of taking or considering the other person ideas mostly between various departmental managers is a big obstacle to Integrated Marketing Communication.

Conclusion in Integrated Marketing Communication

 Integrated Marketing Communication brings the company success on its goals by ensuring that the organization forms of communication and information are well linked to create good relationships. There are various organizational levels that integration is said to occur. However, there are some challenges that affect the Integrated Marketing Communication.










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