• November 8th, 2017
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Impact of Information and Communication Technology

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 The impact of information and communication technology has had global effect, since information technology certainly has had a significant effect on all business sectors. Information technology is a wide field, which has enabled organizations all over the world to work in an efficient manner.

Information technology plays a very important role in effective management and running of a business. The use of information technology in organizations is certain, be it any kind of company like manufacturing or medicinal sector. Information technology has contributed largely to the process advancements in organizations.

impact of information and communication technology Impact of Information and Communication TechnologyImpact of Information and Communication Technology: Essentials of Information Technology

  • Software and Applications

Software is an integral part of information technology which relates to computer applications that enable a corporation to generate, store, program, and retrieve data as and when needed. There is plenty of software developed for different purposes.

All processes in the business sector are carried out by software that is allocated for executing specific tasks. Without these computer applications the dealings wouldn’t have been able to carry out their functions in an appropriate and efficient manner. Operating systems, ERPs, special purpose applications, and web browsers are all examples of different kinds of software.

  • Hardware Devices

These are numerous computer apparatus that house the software. Devices like microcomputers, mid-size servers, and huge mainframe systems are the basic examples of hardware. Businesses have to uphold a huge assortment of important data. For these purposes, they employ these devices which are accountable for storing confidential company data and retrieving it back when required. Additional hardware devices comprises of network devices that are used for providing Internet access to the businesses to work and communicate expeditiously. There are uniform devices which enable manufacturing tools and equipment to work accurately in the industrial sector.

Impact of Information and Communication Technology: Steering Businesses with Information Technology

Businesses need to buy software packages that cater to their specific management, operational, and practical needs. For this reason, they need to approach firms and IT manufacturers who deal in such software applications.

Additional IT services contain Internet marketing and email marketing, web hosting and promotions, and maintaining customer networks. Greater businesses on the other hand have their own operational and purposeful employees who develop software applications and work on several IT needs of the businesses. They frequently purchase ERP software to coordinate different processes and functions into a single submission, which is actually more convenient.

Impact of Information and Communication Technology: Optimistic Impact of Technology on Society

Impact of Information and Communication Technology has led to automated many of the critical procedures in the manufacturing as well the household. The electronic gadgets that have arrived in the homes of the common man have hoarded him from the day-to-day household work.

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The computer technology, needless to say, has altered the appearance of the world. Computers can stock, establish and manage huge amounts of data. They develop large amounts of information. Computers have assumed rise to the software industry, one of the most liberal industries of the world. The Internet that sowed from the computer networking concepts is the most actual communication platform and the largest information base existing today.

And thus impact of information and communication technology.








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