• January 1st, 2018
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ICT in Kenya

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ICT in Kenya is a convergence of microelectronics, computing which is both hardware and software and telecommunications. It involves using computers, telephones and the internet as part of our day to day communication and business transactions.


Policies as a means of Ensuring ICT in Kenya

A policy can be defined as a guiding principle designed to influence decisions, actions, etc. Typically, a policy designates a required process or procedure within an organization. We should therefore introduce policies that have a way of establishing long term solutions to particular problems. This will ensure ICT in Kenya.

Benefits of Policies in relation to ICT in Kenya

Policies help save time.

Help prevent managerial mistakes.

Improve consistency of decision making for an organization.

Focus decisions towards the business goals.


Qualities of a Good Policy

A good policy in relation to ICT in Kenya should be consistent with organizational strategies, objectives.

Practical and directly relevant to the business the organization is doing.

Be reviewed frequently and amended as needed.

Limit discretion of managers or employees.

It should be precise, easy to understand and apply.

A good policy to enhance ICT in Kenya should be in writing

Be applied and enforced

Cascaded and interpreted to the lowest level

Effective in meeting security requirements

To ensure ICT in Kenya a good policy must involve all key personnel

  ICT in KenyaObjectives of a Policy in order to enhance ICT in Kenya

One of the objectives of a policy in relation to ICT in Kenya is to increase the benefits from information technology.

Helping people and organizations to adapt to new circumstances and providing tools

and models to respond rationally to challenges posed by ICT in Kenya.

Providing information and communication facilities, services and management at a

reasonable or reduced cost

Improving the quality of services and products produced by organizations.

Promoting information sharing, transparency and accountability and reducing

bureaucracy within and between organizations, and towards the public at large

A good policy in relation to ICT in Kenya provides citizens with a chance to access information.


Ways of Improving ICT in Kenya

Promote ICT in Kenya-The Government must be one of the most important ICT in Kenya promoters through introduction of electronic services like e-government and e-education.

There should also be support for internet uses and applications in all governmental levels.

Introduction of campaigns is also another way of ensuring Secure ICT in Kenya is secure. There should be training campaigns about internet’s benefits

Another way of ensuring secure ICT in Kenya is by implementing collaboration between private, public and civil society.

The government should also provide legal frameworks to make the policies set up for secure ICT in Kenya are acceptable.

The government must include stakeholders in formulating secure ICT in Kenya policies. The stakeholders may include universities, schools, NGO’s and other financial Institutions

Business Training in Kenya has more.

Conclusion on ICT in Kenya

There is need for a suitable policy environment for secure ICT in Kenya.

Poor ICT in Kenya puts a barrier to developing innovations for Africa’s solutions and these needs to be solved immediately.

The government needs to support ICT in Kenya by providing incentives for locally produced software and hardware.

They should also provide quality infrastructure for ICT in Kenya.

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