• November 4th, 2017
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Human Resource Planning in Kenya

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Human Resource Planning in Kenya


Human Resource Planning in Kenya is the process of determining and ensuring that the organization would have adequate number of qualified persons available at the proper times; performing jobs which meets the needs of the organization and provides satisfaction for individual employees.

It is also a process of focusing an organization demand and supplies of the right type of manpower the number and the right qualifications.More information may be found in Business Training in Kenya

 Human Resource Planning in KenyaNature of Human Resource Planning in Kenya

  • Should be in line with the overall planning of the organization. It leads to improvement in productivity and helps in obtaining the organization goals.
  • Enables management to place right people in the right positions and at the right time thus it should be integrated in the organization function.
  • Aims at short term medium and long term plans ie short term concentrate on recruitment and selection of employees, medium term concentrate on provision for training and development and long term concentrate on the welfare of employees, career planning, counseling and other HR practices.
  • Its adaption depends on the stage where the organization is.
  • It  is a decision making process regarding procurement development, compensation, information welfare, safety of human resource
  • It is a process of visualizing Human Resource plans of an organization by providing quantitative and qualitative human resource requirements through their proper utilizations.
  • Its formalization depends upon the type and the kind of organization. It also depends on the strategy adopted by the organization.


Importance of Human Resource Planning in Kenya

Human Resource Planning in Kenya  is important to the organization in the following ways:

  • Effective Human Resource Planning fulfills the organization needs for a quality workforce.
  • A proper Human Resource Planning reduces labor costs substantially by maintaining a balance between demand for and supply of human resource i.e. works as a cost saving device.
  • Facilitates comparison and evaluation of alternative Human Resource policies.
  • Facilitates the rise in skills, abilities and potential of the workforce through training and development.
  • Provides multiple gains to the employee by way of promotions, increase in salary and other fringe benefits.
  • Provides for welfare, health and safety of its employees thus leads to an increase in productivity.
  • Clears way for effective motivation of the employee in the organization.


Factors affecting Human Resource Planning in Kenya

  • Type and strategy of the organization
  • Organization growth cycles and planning
  • Time horizons
  • Environmental uncertainties
  • Type and quality of information
  • Nature of job being build
  • Offloading the work
  • Government policies


Essentials of Human Resource Planning in Kenya

For these concepts to go on effectively:

We must integrate Human Resource Planning with organizational plans -These will help in meeting the organizational objectives through formulation of policies.

We must get support of top management- Top management are those that decide on major decisions concerning the organization.

There must be an existence of a fully pledged Human Resource department.

We should facilitate formulation of Human Resource policies- the organization should formulate policies touching on formulation, recruitment, planning, etc.

Human Resource Planning in Kenya


Involves the following:

Designing the long range objectives and plans

Estimate the future org structure and focusing manpower requirement. Future plans help one to organize structures.

Auditing Human Resource

Determining the presence of Human Resource by using inventory skill concept. This concept contains data about each employee.

Net Human Resource requirement

Will record details of training needs, skills required, qualifications relevant to a particular position, experience, etc.

Developing Human Resource action plan

Having a policy on various human resource functions.

Evaluation and control process

Evaluating how effective the Human Resource process is while control is done in departmental level where the employees can be controlled effectively.

All these are ways that ways that facilitate an effective Human Resource Planning in Kenya