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Human Resource Information Management System

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 Human Resource Information Management System , also referred to as Human Resource modules, is the bridge between Human resource management and information technology. The basic functions of a Human resource management system it to provide a single, accurate view of all human resource activities including recruiting, performance management, training and development not forgetting compensation.

A human resource management system helps tremendously in reducing the workload of the human resource department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing human resource process.

Every Human resource department plays a very important key role in the smooth running of the company by tracking and analyzing the time keeping and work patterns of the workforce.

Human Resource Information Management System Human Resource Information Management SystemHuman Resource Information Management System : Tactical Human Resource Planning

In-order to execute the best business plans and ideas, employers do require a very skilled work force, its impossible to gain competitive edge in the business world without the presence of a dedicated Human Resources department that indeed focuses on the most vital assets of the firm – its employees.

Tactical human resource planning is the ultimate key to unlocking the potential inherent in the employees and makes an organization a highly efficient team working for common goals and objectives.

Human resource management has evolved to be one of the most critical aspects of a firm’s policies. A major shift in the attitude of employers with respect to employees has come to effect. This has been necessitated by the introduction of government laws and regulations that guides employers to make sure that employees are receiving adequate pay and their health and safety is not challenged in the work area.

A HR manager, trained in the art of human management is the communication bridge between employees and senior management. Any firm not engaging in the best human resource practices is committing a mistake that is bound to negatively affect the company’s future growth.

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Human Resource Information Management System : Human Resources Functionality

The creation of client server Human resource management systems helped HR executives in taking the responsibility and ownership of their systems. These client serves evolve around four human resource information management systems which include;

Payroll: The payroll module is used in automating the pay process by gathering information of an employee such as time and attendance, calculating various deductions and takes, generating periodic paychecks and employee tax report.

Time and labor management module: This module is the key ingredient in establishing organizational accounting abilities by applying technology in methods of acquiring and evaluation of work and working times of the employees.

Human Resource Management module: This is the module component covering all other aspects from application to retirement.
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Human Resource Information Management System : Human Resource Information

Human Resource Information Management System unites Human resource management as a discipline and in particular it’s basic HR activities and processes with the information technology field where the planning and programming of data processing systems changed in to standardized routines and packages of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Please read more on Human Resource Information Management System


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