• February 4th, 2018
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Financial Information Management System

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Financial Information Management System (FIMS) is always accountable for the implementation/upgrade and production support of automated systems, including People Soft Financials, which are used within the Financial Management Division, namely the offices of the Financial Controller and Procurement and Support Services in an organization.

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Organizations need financial management solutions that reduce costs; shorten process cycle times; deliver timely, actionable financial information; enforce global financial standards and controls; and improve business transparency.

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To be operative, financial management systems need to address the rising needs of a modern CFO—and they need to work with you to meet altering business requirements with assurance. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

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Financial Information Management System: Financial Systems

Financial systems put in place should be state of the art system designed to support Transfer Agents, Fund Managers and Trust Administrators adapt to the challenges and demands of today’s marketplace.

The strong workflow, improved task scheduling and inherent automation within financial systems provide organizations with streamlined processing to drive down the administrative overhead and data duplication.

Financial management system linked with a financial system delivers the strong authorization processes required to improve operational control through good security and a reduction in errors and delivers unprecedented control of the client interface through highly customizable client reports.

Trust Administrator

Financial systems  enables organizations to seamlessly handle the diverse regulatory, statutory and tax requirements created by the multi-location strategies adopted to extend product offerings, exploit lower cost administrative centers and deliver specialist relationship manager and advisor requirements.

Financial Information Management System: Services

  • Personal computer and Imaging system support within the Financial Management Division, Fund Manager Records, processes and maintains a register of all holder (investment) transactions in each fund administered.
  • System performance issues and ends user security access for PeopleSoft Financials; solve your company’s financial management problems with Financial Management solutions. They’re powerful, configure to your business needs, and implement quickly, without disrupting your operations
  • Assistance with reports distributed to the organization. Financial information management system helps you meet changing regulatory requirements, information requests, and evolving business strategies with confidence. Functions include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, sales order processing, and financial and operational reporting and analysis.
  • Technical support to end users enables Transfer Agents and Fund Managers to efficiently process data and tailor workflow to reflect business specific requirements.

    Financial Information Management System: Financial Management

Financial Management software helps the service sector drive enterprise value with enhanced information for targeting growth and a platform for sustainable compliance. The software also helps improve transparency of business, strengthens financial discipline, and helps improve business process and reduce costs.Financial management software helps you optimize the business side of your research program by reducing costs, automating system-wide grant processes, eliminating redundant systems and tasks, delivering real-time role-based information and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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The software also offers your organization a centralized, easy-to-use system to assist with reporting, processing and approving or denying employee travel expenses.All in all Financial Information Systems offer an all rounded solution that is determined to define well measurers to run organizational finances.And thus Financial Information Management System

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