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HIV AIDS Stigma exists everywhere in the world. Stigma is the discrimination or the dishonour the AIDS victims get from other people. Many people have always believed that AIDS is a disease caused by bad or irresponsible sexual behaviour. Most of the people with HIV are thought to be prostitutes or drug users. But that is not always the case because there are many other ways of getting HIV. There is more information in Business Training in Kenya.

What brings HIV AIDS Stigma

HIV AIDS Stigma is practised by people in all nations. There is no country even the developed ones that do not have people who discriminate others. Everywhere across nations, communities, races, groups and individuals exists a kind of negative attitude toward the people with HIV/AIDS.

HIV AIDS Stigma makes people to distance themselves from the sick person. It is not difficult to find that a sick person is kept in a separate room or place to avoid sharing of things with him or her. The reasons why there is HIV AIDS Stigma are;

  • HIV/AIDS s an incurable disease that makes a person die because of some complications
  • The contracting of the diseases is believed to be through some methods that are stigmatized themselves such as homosexuality and prostitution
  • HIV is transmitted through sex, which has a moral baggage
  • If a person gets the virus, the society thinks that the person is not responsible
  • Most of the religion and cultural beliefs make the society members believe that HIV is such an immoral behaviour disease. Therefore, when one contracts it the person gets HIV AIDS Stigma.

Besides the above reasons, HIV AIDS Stigma has never changed to many people because of the first thought or impression created during the first case of the HIV in 1980. People believed then that HIV was a punishment for a bad sexual behaviour, which has still remained that way until now. Even with much education and knowledge about HIV and AIDS, there still remain to be HIV AIDS Stigma.

Various places where HIV AIDS Stigma and discrimination is common

HIV AIDS Stigma and discrimination is found in many places starting from the family to other public places. Many people with the virus will always feel that they are not treated right in places such as;

  • Employment places a person gets HIV AIDS Stigma from the co-workers the bosses and other people within the organization. Some of mistreatment suffered is the isolation, mockery and the discrimination can go further for the person to be terminated from working.
  • In public travel places people will tend to move away from the person the suspect of having virus
  • In community, society members will move away from a HIV positive individual
  • In some of the families, discrimination is too high

The effects of HIV AIDS Stigma to the victims



HIV AIDS Stigma has an effect on the people with HIV because they will feel so discriminated and they build fear of becoming tested for the virus. Moreover, they may even stop to take antiretroviral drugs in the fear that others will know of the health status.  This affects so much the health sector which is trying to fight the disease.

HIV AIDS Stigma will personally affect an individual when he or she;

  1. Losses the source of income
  2. Get divorced mostly if the other person is still healthy
  3. Receives poor health care
  4. Lack of support from the close family members
  5. Loss of hope and feeling of emptiness

Conclusion in the HIV AIDS Stigma

HIV AIDS Stigma is common everywhere with many people still believing that it is a moral based disease. Despite the much education given to society and individuals o HIV/AIDS, the is still discrimination to the sick people. Therefore, it is a time for all people to join hands and stop HIV AIDS Stigma.









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