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HIV AIDS Awareness Training

HIV AIDS Awareness Training is necessary for every member of the society because without the awareness it is difficult to eradicate the deadly disease.  There are more than 30 million people infected with the virus and each day the number continues to increase. Despite the fact that it is evident to many that AIDS is real and it kills, many people continue to be involved in a bad behaviour. The spread of HIV AIDS is greatly contributed by lack of enough knowledge about the disease. Also ignorance to the killer disease leads people to irresponsible living. Therefore, it is important that HIV AIDS Awareness Training is increased to all people to prevent the spread. There is more to read in our articles in Business Training in Kenya.

Importance of the HIV AIDS Awareness Training

HIV AIDS Awareness Training will be an important thing to do to prevent the spread of the viral disease among the individuals. Each day, the number of people living with HIV/AID continues to increase leaving each one of us with a question, “what is wrong with people. Don’t they understand the risks of HIV? How comes AIDS is spreading when many people have witnessed others die of the virus, can they learn from that?”

But the truth is that, despite everything else people are going on to get AIDS with the rate increasing every year. Therefore, it has been a concern to both the government and the NGOs to start offering HIV AIDS Awareness Training. The main aim for this training has been to educate people of the risks of getting HIV, ways to live positively either to avoid the risk of getting the virus or accepting the fact that you are positive with the virus. The training has also been objective in convincing people of the advantage of stopping discrimination or prejudice against the people with AIDS.

HIV AIDS Awareness Training is also aimed at encouraging people of the advantages of getting tested of the virus so that you can know your HIV status. The knowledge is important in the behavioural change.

HIV AIDS Awareness Training: Who need to be given the information about the killer disease?

HIV AIDS Awareness Training HIV AIDS Awareness Training

HIV AIDS Awareness Training

HIV AIDS Awareness Training is more effective if it is given to specific group of people that have higher risks of contracting the disease. The targeted group depends with the geographical areas, the environment and the cultural practice of the people. For example, in America there was a time when the homosexuals and the drug users were more vulnerable to the HIV virus. Likewise in Africa, most of the poor people are of high risk of getting the virus because some of them are ready to be involved in sex to get income. Moreover, it might be expensive for them to afford protective devices.

However, it is important also that everyone be involved in HIV AIDS Awareness Training. The reason is because every person is at the risk of getting the virus. Moreover, it is difficult to determine who is better or safer than the other in terms of the virus spread.

HIV AIDS Awareness Training: places to offer the education


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HIV AIDS Awareness Training is supposed to be given to every person. Therefore, it is good that people concerned with the education to determine where to offer the training. For the young people, the best and the effective place will be in schools and colleges. Also at the social places will be more effective. HIV AIDS Awareness Training can also be offered in the work places. It will also be good if the education is taken further to our churches and other worship areas. Moreover, public places can also be effective.

Conclusion in HIV AIDS Awareness Training

HIV AIDS Awareness Training is important if it is offered to people because it will help reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS. Many people are getting the disease either because of ignorance or they do not know. There is a lot of discrimination for the people with the virus, which increases the reason to have HIV AIDS Awareness Training.

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