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Forensic Accounting Firms

Forensic Accounting Firms is a group of accounting agencies that gives the services of forensic accounting. Forensic accounting is a speciality area in accounting that analyzes the accounting practice of a given organization in order to detect any frauds. Business Training in Kenya has more articles Forensic accounting can also be referred as investigators or forensic auditors’ review the accounting books of a firm so that they can get any evidence of error that can be presented in a court of law. Forensic Accounting Firmshave increased in the near past because of the high demand of auditing work by both the big and the smaller firms.

Forensic Accounting Firms Forensic Accounting Firms

Forensic Accounting Firms

The roles of the Forensic Accounting Firms

Forensic Accounting Firms have come into existence to offer the wide demand on the forensic accounting. Many organizations both small and big has come to realize that the role of auditing in the organization because they lose a lot of money through frauds from their staffs. Forensic Accounting Firms uses three accounting skills when giving the auditing services to an organization. The skills that the forensic accountants must have are accounting practice, the investigation and the auditing. The Forensic Accounting Firm services is done by conducting a thorough investigation in the organization operation and accounting section and the services becomes complete after a standing evidence if found for legal proceedings. The forensic accountant may go also go to the court to testify on any act of fraud he or she discovered in the organization books of accounting. Many businesses seek the help of the Forensic Accounting Firmsin litigation, dispute resolution and in auditing. The services may also be of help during the process of merging of two organizations or during acquisitions.

Some of The Top Forensic Accounting Firms In America

Forensic Accounting Firms have increased in the last ten years in America and other parts of the world. There are still many other upcoming firms that are offering forensic accounting services besides other accounting services such as taxation. When seeking forensic accounting services for your business or any other area, it is advisable that you seek companies that have been long in the business since they have more experience in the area. You can find many of the Forensic Accounting Firmsin the internet through search engines. It is advisable that you analyze several of the firms before you come up with a decision. However, some of the common known firms mostly based in the USA are;

  1. Sandi Mattingly
  2. Viviane Thompson CPA
  3. Mattson Driscoll and Damico
  4. Anne- Marie Gross
  5. Sandra Copas
  6. Terry miller, CPA
  7. Elliott Wexler, CPA
  8. Tammy L. Truax, business consultant

Importance of Forensic Accounting Firms

Forensic Accounting Firms are very important in the modern business market because of the increased and the integrated ways of frauds in the organization. Many organizations have gotten large losses from their staffs and the outsiders that is why the Forensic Accounting Firms services are needed. Individuals will require the forensic accounting services for reasons such as divorces. Banks, insurance firms, government departments, lawyers and the police need the services mainly because of criminal issues and legal cases. Other organization will mainly want the services to ensure money is not lost through mischievous hands. Conclusion in Forensic Accounting Firms    Forensic Accounting Firms is a group of people or agencies who offer auditing services to the other organization. A forensic accountant should have three accounting skills that will enable him or her investigates any frauds and come up with evidence that can be presented in a court of law.  The many organizations’ frauds committed have led to the rise of demand of the Forensic Accounting Firms.

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