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Ethics and the Law

In Ethics and the Law, businesses exist in the society because they deliver economic benefits, first to customers and then to employees and society in general. The government sanctions and establishes corporations and legally empowers them to make contracts, own property and to exist after founders die. Once established, government regulates and controls businesses through its legal processes, or through the laws and procedures for enforcing laws and regulating behavior. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Ethics and the Law Ethics and the Law

Ethics and the Law

More on Ethics and the Law

In Ethics and the Law, state, city and county legislatures establish laws and guidelines and issue executive orders and regulations. These laws, regulations and orders set minimum standards for ethical behavior. These standards are then enforced through the courts, which interpret the standards and judge whether a business has met them in Ethics and the Law.

A famous Supreme Court judge once said that ‘the law floats on a sea of ethics’. Although Ethics and the Law are not always the same, we can consider the law as society’s attempt to codify some basic ethical norms. Any time people or groups regularly violate a shared ethical norm of society; government leaders will likely propose legislation to prevent future violations. However, the law is only a moral floor providing only minimal standards for acceptable behavior in Ethics and the Law.

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Public Awareness in Ethics and the Law

The general public in Ethics and the Law is more aware of socially irresponsible and unethical business practices today than ever before. But that does not necessary mean there is more unethical behavior than there used to be. We could simply be more interested in it and more educated to detect it in Ethics and the Law. The mass media seem to thrive on such controversial subjects. The public expects captivating stories of intrigue and deception and news reporters fervently uncover dirt in all segments of society. The public has come to feel entitled to know about all of the wrongdoings of our leaders and managers, and the entrepreneur is not excluded in this and thus public awareness in Ethics and the Law.

Conclusion on Ethics and the Law

The growing interest in Ethics and the Law is good news for any society. To deal with possible legal and ethical transgressions, more people must be aware of and work at preventing bad deeds. On a more positive note, people also need to learn to initiate and expect good deeds that contribute to society in Ethics and the Law. Ethics boils down to reducing bad deeds and increasing good deeds in society. The challenge for businesspeople, leaders and managers is to define good and bad. One way to define good and bad is to look at what the law says in Ethics and the Law.


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