• December 26th, 2017
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Essay on Leadership

The purpose of this essay on leadership is to define what we mean by leadership, Leader  is a broad term, open to interpretation. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

A leader must be humane; there is not a biased bone in his body. He looks at a co-worker and sees a person, not his ethnicity, his race, or his class. He links with the person, without bias. A respectable leader must be “well-informed. You do everything you can, without limit; to do what’s best for the staff and the organization.

Essay on Leadership Essay on Leadership

Essay on Leadership: Leadership Skills

Leadership is a virtue of great value in today’s society.  An effective leader is required to have good leadership skills and qualities. This essay on leadership will sample a few skills;

  • Confidence: No matter what the degree of difficulty they find themselves in, strong leaders always have a sense of confidence and sureness about themselves. This is one of the most important and the greatest visible characteristic of a real leader.
  • Decision Maker: A good leader must think on his feet and should be capable of making quick and smart decisions whenever the need occurs.
  • Lead with Examples: A true leader always lead with examples. Standing up and shouldering responsibility by getting the job done when the chips are down, is the mark of a true leader.

Essay on Leadership: Teamwork

Every leader knows good teamwork releases group synergy so that the combined effect of individual contributions far exceeds the sum of their individual effects. Leaders set vision, strategies, goals, and values in order to guide for desired action and behavior. A leader will simultaneously fill many roles networking, motivating group members, solving conflicts as they arise

Leader needs knowledge of issue and the ways of effectively leading a team. An effective leader must have two mega qualities: knowledge and communication competence. There is shared accountability and closeness amongst members of a well-knit team. The simple premise here is that an individual’s contributions cannot be as good as all of us working together in a team.

Essay on Leadership Qualities

Effective leaders always value people, listen actively, give credit to others, have consistent behaviors, admits mistakes, have a sense of humor and above all they set a good example for their followers.

Good communication skill

Communication is the key to be a great leader. The reason for this is simple: if he possesses the other nine leadership qualities but if he fails to communicate well, he will never be great leader.


The most valuable asset of a leader is honesty. He must be honest with both his employees and the management committee. Another part of his features is integrity. Once a leader compromises his or her integrity, it is lost. The leaders therefore must keep it “above all else.”

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The characteristics of a leader play an important role in determining the kind of leadership that he asserts. They do have scope to develop through learning and experience, but those who have an in-born ability to lead, makes good leaders. This concludes some points on essay on leadership.