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Eller College

 Eller College of Management is an integral business and also serves as a public administration school located in the University of Arizona which is based in Tucson, Arizona.  The school is named after alumnus and entrepreneur Karl Eller who is the founder of Eller Outdoor Advertising, Combined Communications Corporation, and Eller Media Company.

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The Eller College of Management began as a 1913 bachelor’s degree program in commerce before becoming the UA School of Business and Public Administration way back in 1944.

The school would later be renamed the Eller College of Business and Public Administration, which was condensed to Eller College of Management in 2004.

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Eller College It is one of the largest colleges at the University of Arizona, with over 5,400 undergraduate students and nearly 700 graduate students. Moreover, Eller has over 55,000 alumni worldwide.

Eller College Eller CollegeEller College: Departments

Eller works with over 130 world-renowned faculty members and as of the end of 2009 offers programs in:

  • Public Administration and Policy
  • Accounting, Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Management and Organizations.

Its interdisciplinary package in Entrepreneurship is continually ranked one of the world’s best. Eller College is one of the first business schools in the U.S. to promote “communal entrepreneurship and consciousness” as part of the traditional business school curriculum.

Eller College is known for its close ties with technology sector and companies that frequently recruit at Eller include IBM, Honeywell, Intel, Raytheon, and Accenture

Eller College: The School

Eller College of Management hosts 5,500 undergraduate and 600 graduate students at the University of Arizona campus. The College is home to top-ranked entrepreneurship, MIS, MBA, doctoral, and undergraduate programs, and leads the American nation’s business schools in generating grant funds for research.

Eller Information Technology’s mission is to enable real and efficient use of computing and communications technology in the self-actualization of the academic assignment of the Eller College of Management.

The Eller Information Technology group provides a diversity of computer support amenities in the Eller College of Management. And they include;

  • Desktop system specification and procurement services
  • In-house turnkey software application development
  • User software and hardware support

Eller College: Reasons why to School here

Eller College of Management, one of the largest colleges at The University of Arizona with the university’s most sought-after degrees, endures to shape on a tradition of excellence which begun in 1913.

Eller College of Management steadily ranks high in leading studies of business education at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, with rising movement in the gold standard of college rankings, the annual survey by U.S. News & World Report.

Eller College: Community

Eller Collegeof Management is a lively learning community of students, researchers, teachers, alumni, and staff within an internationally viewed public research institution.
The diverse curriculum and programs are designed to maximize student interaction, with a robust emphasis on teamwork that naturally develops into a close-knit community. Student officialdoms at the MBA and undergraduate level genuine opportunities to connect and get involved while discovering areas of profession interest.

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Honesty, principles, and social responsibility are essential to the Eller College education. Social responsibility notifies our syllabuses as well as the role of the College in the local community and beyond.

The Ethics Program is a frontline program to grow business leaders with integrity and a clear sense of social responsibility. And thus Eller College.




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