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Effective Communication

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Effective Communication means that the sending of information to the required person takes place with no problem. Effective Communication is facilitated by factors that should be maintained both by the sender and the receiver of the message. In a learning institution, Effective Communication enables a smooth learning environment because communication ensures builds an understanding of students, teachers and other staffs. Business Training in Kenya has more articles on the same.

Effective Communication in a learning institution

Effective Communication is a necessary thing that builds good relationships among the students and even the teachers in an institution. Effective Communication is a basic principle of teaching in classroom and it should be visible in a lesson for student to get the message effectively. It is a general objective of the instructor to make sure that the student gets the message effectively. The student together with the instructor is situated in the same environment that has good communication that is effective as well as simple verbal speaking and listening. Effective Communication in the classroom is not just about shouting aloud something to the student and thinking that students understand it is more than that, it is about communicating respectful i.e that is using a good tone to the student, choosing words that are appropriate to the situation, having a good turn taking rules not interrupting the speaker this is a good way of showing respect. Effective Communication requires the teacher to use different techniques in communication

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Importance of Effective Communication in the classroom

Effective Communication Effective CommunicationEffective Communication in the classroom is well achieved or done using a variety of media to stimulate and make students achieve and understands instructional objectives of the lesson. Effective Communication skills are important skills for transmission, reception together with pupils and teachers. Many students do not read well the non-verbal clues while teachers are teaching and this makes them not to get the message clearly or they even fail to get the information being communicated. Such non-verbal clues in Effective Communication are mostly abstract. Example of non verbal clues are, facial expressions, body language, gestures, body posture should be upright, deliberate pauses and orientation. Effective Communication can bring about good or creates positive behavior that’s when it is positively reinforced like praises, good social interaction. However, Effective Communication can create negative behavior when it is negatively reinforced such negative behaviors are sarcasm, anger and also belittling.

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Barriers to Effective Communication in a learning institution

Effective Communication is composed of three elements: source or the sender, receiver or the destination and also the channel or the media, the three elements are interrupted and if there is any default to one of them then Effective Communication does not take place. In classroom situation the teacher or the instructor is the source in this case, the receiver is the student and also the channel can be chalkboard or the instructional media like the teaching charts and graphs. For there to be Effective Communication, words or symbols used by the sender or should be simple and precise and it must be known to the student such symbols are slangs, abbreviation, acronyms. Hence the teacher must use words that are not bombastic and construct sentences correctly.  Effective Communication can also fail if the channel used is not accurate and this makes wrong information to reach the receiver. When the information being communicated is also interrupted by noise then wrong information can be given. Effective Communication cannot be attained if the message is not adapted to the student a breakdown in communication may occur.

Conclusion in Effective Communication

Effective Communication can be well achieved if all the teacher is the student are able to understand each other well and a feedback is given either verbally or non-verbally. Therefore, a good relationship will exist between the students and the teachers if there is Effective Communication.

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