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EBooks on Strategic Management

When looking for EBooks on Strategic Management, one is likely to come across a good number of materials online. Among the key books that are worth considering is the one titled, ‘Strategic Management’ and it’s been authored by Pearce and Robinson. It is a very timely book that has been helpful to both students and learners, and also to other experts in strategic management. It is a very practical book with a unique approach towards the field. It has sufficient information on the subject and is one of the most selling books at Amazon. This article highlights more on the book. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Strategic Management EBooks on Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Background Information for Strategic Management, crucial among the EBooks on Strategic Management


There are several EBooks on Strategic Management. The first one is entitled Strategic Management. Its price is 166 dollars and is shipped for free via super saver shipping. The book contains up to date information on strategic management. It lays a lot of emphasis on concepts regarding the tools and skills developed by experts and authorities in the arena of strategic management. It has been authored by John Pearce and Richard Robinson. Pearce is a teacher at Villanova University while Robinson forms part of the faculty members at university of South Carolina. The two authors have a high level credibility in academics and also lead within the market that relates to the strategic practice, as addressed in this book.

Description for one of the EBooks on Strategic Management

Among other EBooks on Strategic Management, this is one of the books that have, over time, continued to attain a lot of support from many people across the world. Besides, schools also support it with an intention of presenting strategic management concepts in a manner that is straightforward, systematic and practical.

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This is the twelfth edition and it contains up to thirty cases. The cases are not only for small firms, but also for large ones. It revolves around business start-ups and leaders in various industries, companies that have both a domestic and global focus, and those with diversified services. The services included cut across retail, technology and manufacturing.

Pearce and Robinson have designed an exclusive pedagogical model. This model helps in the provision of logic and structure especially in the way strategic management is supposed to be approached. This helps in the organization of the material. As required by the instructor and helps the learner to undergo effective learning. This is one of the aspects that make this one the most outstanding EBooks on Strategic Management.

Product Review for this exceptional work among other EBooks on Strategic Management   

This book has five hundred and twelve pages. It was published on January 12, 2010 by the McGraw-Hill Publishers. It is the twelfth edition and was written in English language. It has two ISBN numbers: ISBN-10: 0078137160 and ISBN-13:978-0078137167. The dimensions of the book are 10.2 X 8.3 X 1.3 inches. It has 4.2 pounds as the shipping weight. On the other hand, the book has an average of four customer reviews.

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Among the Amazon best sellers rank, it emerged in position 23, 872 and was position 59 among books including the EBooks on Strategic Management.  There are several reviews given by customers regarding the book. One of them describes it as a book that is very solid and properly written. It is a very factual material with information on what should be known by a learner at either a college or masters level. Generally, most readers have found the book helpful in their learning, very relevant for use by instructors and straight forward material that is worth searching from other EBooks on Strategic Management.


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