• October 29th, 2017
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Early HIV Symptoms in Women

This article deals with the Early HIV Symptoms in Women. The number of women infected with human immune deficiency virus (HIV) infection and AIDS has been increasing steadily worldwide. Some countries have even achieved nearly 60% coverage of HIV infected pregnant women receiving the antiretroviral treatment and the prenatal care to prevent mother-to-child transmission. HIV usually has various symptoms but there are some that are only commonly seen in women. It is also possible that a woman infected with HIV could display no symptoms, it is more typical that women infected with the HIV virus will experience some signs and the  symptoms of HIV that they may not seen as warning signs of HIV infection.Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

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HIV Symptoms in Women Early HIV Symptoms in Women

HIV Symptoms in Women

HIV Symptoms in Women

There are mainly three common symptoms experienced by women after exposure to HIV in its early stages. They include severe vaginal infections, frequent vaginal infections, pelvic infections, and abnormal pap smear that are difficult to treat.

Other early signs and symptoms of HIV infection in women include genital ulcers, severe mucosal herpes infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, recurrent vaginal yeast infections, vaginal warts and pap smears that indicate abnormal changes or dysplasia

Women exposed to HIV also do frequently experience flu-like symptoms within the first couple of weeks of becoming infected. In some other cases, there might be no symptoms for many years of quite some time.

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HIV Symptoms in Women Continued

Women might also have or experience constant fatigue, frequent fevers that are accompanied by night sweats, swollen lymph glands in the underarms, neck region and in the groin, rapid weight loss without any diets, white spots in the mouth, abnormal blemishes and decreased appetite and diarrhoea

Women also have a higher infection rate with herpes simplex, high risk of cervical cancer from recurrent vaginal yeast infection and pelvic inflammatory infections, HIV associated gynecological problems, difficult to treat  vaginal yeast infections,.

Other vaginal infections may occur on them more frequently and with greater severity in HIV infected women, including bacterial vaginosis and STDs Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

Severe herpes simplex and virus ulcerations, idiopathic genital ulcers with no evidence of an infectious organism or cancerous cells Human papillomavirus infections, cervical dysplasia, Pelvic inflammatory disease. Frequent menstrual irregularities are also seen in HIV-infected women.

 Conclusion on Early HIV Symptoms in Women

HIV signs and symptoms at an early stage  in women can appear in a number of ways in women. Women should be keen with any signs that they see in their bodies and always practice safe or protected sex to avoid infections.  And thus the Early HIV Symptoms in Women