• July 20th, 2016
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Definition of Strategic Management

 This article deals with the Definition of Strategic Management. Strategic management has quite a number of definitions. These depend on the user of the given definition or the approach of the user of the meaning of strategic management. Here are some of the definitions of strategic management. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Definition of Strategic Management Definition of Strategic Management

Definition of Strategic Management

Definition of Strategic Management

Strategic management can be defined as a management tool.
Strategic management is a goals-oriented management in which the mission and planned achievements of an organization are clearly set out and all management processes are designed and monitored toward reaching the organization’s overall goals. The necessary steps to reach the organization’s goals are taken evaluated to ensure that they are carried out in the most efficient manner

Strategic management is also the process of coordinating efforts by all stakeholders in the organization towards the achievement of the mission, vision and goals of the organization.

Strategic management also involves communicating with all the stakeholders of the firm especially those concerned with a given project with the aim of ensuring that they clearly understand the goals of the project and work effectively towards achieving these goals.

Definition of Strategic Management Continued

Strategic planning talks about the best way to deal with the organization issues and help it focus for the future and keep focusing on its future.

Strategic planning is also defined as the process of looking at the fundamental issues of the organization and being keen on organizational practices to avoid losses

Strategic management is also the process of coordinating the efforts of the organization towards achievement of the organization’s goals

Strategic management is also defined as the basis for an effective organization.

Strategic management is a creative process, and the fresh insight arrived at today and might very well alter the decisions that were made yesterday.

Strategic management is also the coordination of efforts.

Strategic management is also the teamwork process of setting up goals and objectives that the firm as a team works together towards achieving with the aim of making the organization better.

Strategic management is also creating atmosphere for better teamwork by ensuring that team members know what they are required to do as a team and as individuals all aimed at achieving the organization’s goals.

Strategic management is also being able to set goals which a firm, organization or project needs to achieve and ensuring that everyone understands their responsibilities towards achieving the goals.

Conclusion on Definition of Strategic Management

Strategic management whichever the definition adopted is very important in any organization. One must just ensure that the team members understand what is required of them in the project and work as an individual but toward achieving the goals of the organization as a whole. This is very important to any organization. And thus the Definition of Strategic Management