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Communication Types

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Communication types talk about the different ways in which a message can be passed from the sender to the receiver of the given message. There are basically three communication types. They include oral communication, written communication and face to face type of communication. Let us talk about each type of communication. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Oral Communication Types

Oral communication is a communication type where by the information is passed from the sender to the receiver by word of mouth. The receiver then also sends back his response by word of mouth. In oral communication it is not necessary that the sender and the receiver have to see each other for the communication to take place. It can be done over the phone, using a mediator or a messenger.

Oral communication was most commonly used in the old days before telephones came into being. Messages could be sent over long distances by use of messengers who would walk through very long distance to deliver messages and bring back feedbacks. It was the traditional form of communication. Though oral communication is still appreciated in the current world, it is more developed and one does not have to go such long distances to deliver a message. It is used wherever it most convenient.

The advantage of oral communication is that the message is sent and received almost immediately and the feedback is gotten as soon as possible. But despite this the information or message in oral communication can easily be distorted by either the mediator or the message. The form also in most instances lacks privacy especially where a messenger is involved. It is also so hectic for messengers who had to go long distances to deliver a message.

Face to face Communication Types

Face to face type of communication involves the two parties that is the sender and the receiver of the message meeting and doing their communication while seeing one another physically. It is a reliable type of communication as the mood of either party can be read and relevant conclusions drawn as to the way forward for the parties. It bonds people.  The disadvantage of it is that it can only be used when people meet and it happens that they are free and have enough time to communicate.

In face to face communication doubts in one’s mind can be easily cleared during the communication process. It is advised for persons who can easily meet and talk over an issue.

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Written Communication

468x60 10 Communication Types
Communication Types Communication Types

Communication Types

Written communication involves both the sender and the receiver of the message doing the thing in writing before sending it to either party to the communication.

Written communication is a reliable type of communication.  Written communication is also especially a good way of communication between persons who are far separated by distance from one another. The only problem is that it can only be used conveniently by the literate persons. It is also an expensive type of communication compared to the oral and the face to face communication.


Conclusion on Communication Types

The above three types of communication are all advised and one uses the one that he feels most suitable for his or her at any given instance.Communication Types are thus described above.



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