• January 16th, 2018
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Communication Signs

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 Communication Signs are elements of communication that cannot be reduced. Communication Signs communicate something else than themselves. They represent a certain thing which is real or they are symbols that represent a certain truth which reveals either instantaneously or gradually. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Communication Signs and their representation

Communication Signs have no relationship between themselves and what they represent i. e there is no link between the signs and the idea they represent. So they are arbitrary. some of Communication Signs are ambiguous and so for one to understand the meaning they are carrying he or she needs to no the previous discourse to ask further for example lets take a example of cross, it carries many meanings one it can represent Red Cross as an organization or religion and in this case it is the Christian religion.

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The study of Communication Signs is what is called semiotics. There are rules that govern when using signs. Semiotics is divided into three branches; firstly, is semantics which is the relation between signs and the things they denote. Second is syntactic relations in signs in structures and also pragmatics the relationship between signs and the effects they have to the people they use these Communication Signs and these rules are explained on hoe they come about together within cultures. In day to day life people tend to know the representation of different organization because of the signs associated with them for example safaricom in Kenya  is well known because of its color which is also a sign.

Communication Signs can be used instead of the words as they refer to something other than themselves. In addition to that the behaviors are often signs as they are mental concepts. Communication Signs (signifies) the object (signified). One must not use Communication Signs that are not known to the people as communication process wouldn’t be affected. They must name the element to make the worlds a reality and not just create their own. Communication Signs representation can be either be analyzed to look like or resemble or even stand for something /someone or either present a second time e re-presentation

 Importance of Communication Signs

Communication Signs Communication Signs

Communication Signs

Communication Signs are powerful tool that help one connect and express what they really mean, go through challenging moments and build better relations at home or even work place. They also help one to identify and interpret message or information quickly without even going further to information itself. Language itself is made up of signs that has sides which has two shape ,i.e. phonic that is the sequence of letters that is cannot be altered or phonemes. Communication Signs also help to detect certain ideas faster. I.e. they help to give meaning in message users. They also mostly used by the dumb as their language. They can also be non- verbal communication which carries a lot of information. Communication Signs are considered more polite or nicer when communicating attitude rather than verbally in situations where one want to embarrassment.

468x60 animated Communication Signs

Utilization of Communication Signs

Communication Signs can be utilized in places where one does not necessarily want to use language. According to experts Communication Signs are mostly used about 50% while language is used in 7% and tone is used in 43%

Communication Signs can also be used in businesses and organization where one doesn’t want to use the name of a business rather a sign that represent the same business is used. Communication Signs can be color. A-line or anything to represent another thing

Conclusion on Communication Signs

Communication Signs can also provide the character of something and one is able to read ones character through signs that the person poses. People should be conversant with Communication Signs