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Communication Methods

Communication methods talk about the different media used to pass some given information from the sender to the receiver of the message. There are various methods of communication. The media of communication chosen depends on the message to be passed, distance and urgency of the message. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Communication Methods

These are the most popular methods of communication used today. Some have been used from long ago other have just come into place recently.

Letters: Letter writing is a method of communication that has been used for quite some good time. This is where the message is passed on paper. This is majorly used when it is the most preferred or there is no email link among and between the users, or maybe when a written copy is required is needed for some evidence. The recipient might also have a preference of reading from paper that on the screen.

Videotapes: This were majorly used in homes but were then adopted for business purposes. In businesses they are used for formal corporate communication, training. Organizations prefer them and video tape method of communication will be used for quite some time although they are expensive to produce. The only advantage is that they can be replicated and easily delivered
CD-ROM: This method of communication is whereby computer data is stored in a compact disc. It can either be audio or visual. They can either be used by businesses or households.

Manuals: Manual communication is a method of communication where by the information is given on paper. This method of communication does not necessarily need of feedback. It is mainly used for referencing rather than gaining response.

Communication Methods Continued

Fax: Fax is a method of communication where public telephones are used to deliver paper documents from one place to another. It is used especially when hard copy originals are nor required.

E-mail: This is the primary method of delivering short messages. It can be used by either households or organizations that have network. This method of communication is taking the place of fax method of communication. It is cheaper compared to the use of paper in communication.

Communication Methods Communication Methods

Communication Methods

Printed materials: This method of communication can be put in the form of brochures, magazines, newsletters, fliers. It is quite affordable if not done in large volumes. It has been used by quite a number of organizations.

Intranet: Intranet has the same technology as internet. The only difference is that it is confined to a given organization. It cannot be used beyond that organization. It is usually used to deliver images and text. The only disadvantage of it is that information is expensive to distribute.

Radio and Television: Radios are majorly used for public broadcasts. They are used by households and even businesses. But radio receivers are not usually available in the work place. On the other hand television is used for public rather than business purposes. However some businesses use satellites to transmit TV programs to their employees

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Phones are also another method of communication. It is a widely used method of communication.

Video conferencing: This is used by majorly cooperates. It is majorly applied for meetings. One attends the meeting wherever he is sand contributes provided he is linked in the network. This communication method uses phone lines to transmit sound and images to the people meeting.

Conclusion on Communication Methods

There are quite a number of communication methods. One only adopts the one that he feels most convenient to him in terms of usability, convenience and accessibility. Depending on the method of communication adopted there should be effective communication between the parties communicating. This article deals with Communication Methods

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