• October 17th, 2011
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Communication Cycle

A Communication Cycle comes about as a result of the communication process. Business Training in Kenya has more articles.

Elements of the Communication Cycle

The cycle contains such elements as the sender, the receiver, the media or channel of communication, the decoder and the feedback to the message. The information comes from the sender to the receiver.

Communication Cycle Flow

The transmitting person is called the sender or transmitter. The information is then received by the receiver. The person to who the message is sent is called receiver. The process of converting information that is to be sent into a format which the receiver can understand is known as encoding. This is usually done by the sender. Information can be encoded into various formats – oral, written or visual. The message is then received by the receiver.

Communication Cycle Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle

Information which is transferred to the receiver has to be interpreted. This interpretation is known as decoding. After decoding the message the receiver then sends back the feedback to the sender. The process of replying to a given message is known as giving a feedback. Here is a diagram of the communication cycle
Communication Cycle

Conclusion to Communication Cycle

The communication cycle should not pass any stage of the process lest the information not be clearly understood or a point missed in the whole communication process.

300x250 2 Communication Cycle

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