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Communication Cycle

Communication cycle is a resource that takes one through communication that connects people together regardless of the channel used. It is a mandate for communication to take place with all the elements concerned correlating to each other. In any organization whether a business, government or education institute, the Communication Cycle is the same. Business  Training in Kenya has more articles

Proponents of Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle consist of a sender and a receiver, a message and medium. Communication cannot exist if one of the elements is missing. Communication Cycle begins with a sender or the source to which the message comes from. This is followed by information or the message the sender need to send the message can anything be virtually anything, encoding is how the message is transmitted to another party. Next is the medium or the transmitter for the message to travel from the sender to the receiver. One should choose the best medium as it can fail information to reach the destination and it must not change the content of the message it can be either a piece of paper, radio, or email. One must a media or channel depending on the type of message, in   Communication Cycle mostly written words do not convey tone and so special care must be taken when using such channel. The next component is the destination or the receiver of the message or the target group. A receiver can be a television, employees, depending on the type of information. Next component is the decoding where the message is interpreted for its content. Here the receiver thinks and internalizes the message and he or she compares the message with his or her experiences. The last and final process  in a Communication Cycle is the feedback  where the receiver conveys to the sender that he or she understand the information he or she formats the information and replies it and sends it to the transmitter to send back.

Barriers to Communication Cycle

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Communication Cycle Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle barriers are those types of things that make communication not to either reach the destination or they reach when they are altered. They are associated with listening, checking ones perceptions. such barriers are associated with some of the elements of communication, such as those on receiver focusing on personal agenda and we spend most of our time discussing the next response and not giving the sender full attention, noise and here we have noise from the environment and emotional noise, we react to other people non-verbal clues and appearance and forget about the concentration. Criticizing Communication Cycle barriers one should look at the appropriate medium and accurate one


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Strategies for effective communication in a Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle can be effective if a solution is given to the barriers. For the sender they must be clear enough and this makes people not to interpret words differently, use abstract words more than concrete words. Lack of confidence makes one not to derive the message appropriately

Conclusion on Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle might be possibly given well if it is done well and effectively. Communication Cycle is foundation to every group and without it people should not accomplish anything in life. For a good communication to take place there must be a Communication Cycle

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