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Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance is an integrated insurance company based in the UK, with call centers across the country. Churchill Insurance started out as a direct motor insurer, and later ventured into selling home insurance.

Over a period of time, the company has extended into offering car insurance, van insurance, motorcycle insurance, breakdown cove, travel insurance and pet insurance motorcycle. Let’s examine the three main products Churchill Insuranceoffers: Car Insurance, Travel Insurance and Home Insurance. Business Training in Kenya has more articles

Churchill Insurance Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance

Award Winning Churchill Insurance Car Policy for Customers

In 2006, Churchill Insurance won several ‘Your Money Awards’ including Best Motor Insurance Provider and Best Online Motor Insurance Provider. Readers of ‘Your Money’ rate policy providers based on the quality of service. This is a consumer award given to companies that satisfy customer’s needs.

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Most customers pay less than £305 for car insurance, excluding interest changes and optional extras, which is below UK’s national average. Under the Churchill Insurance comprehensive cover, policy holders and their partners get a personal accident cover, plus personal belongings are also insured.

If by no fault of the policy holder has an accident with a driver without insurance cover, Churchill Insurance will compensate the policy holder under the comprehensive cover. The car owner also gets discounts if policy is bought online and a new replacement for damaged or stolen car.

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Travelers Covered Under Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance was voted Travel Insurer in 2005 at the International Travel Insurance Journal Awards. There are several options for travelers covered by Churchill Insurance. The annual travel insurance allows policy holders to name up to 10 people on the travel insurance, so that the family can be covered throughout the year, whether you travel together or not.

The Single trip travel insurance is flexible because policy holders only pay for the period of time they are on away. Customers get 5% discount if they also hold a car or home insurance. Kids are covered at half price.

Under the Explorer travel insurance, customers traveling out of the country for over 90 days are covered. With Churchill Insurance, policy holders are covered up to 12 months in Europe and 18 months worldwide.

All policies can cover individuals, couples, families or groups, with medical expenses covered up to £10 million. As optional extras, Churchill Insurance covers travelers abroad to attend a wedding or for a round of golf. Winter sports gear can be insured against theft or damage. Churchill insures travelers against loss of money and passport, cancellation of holiday, emergency medical treatment and legal expenses.

Home Owners ave a Huge Discount with Churchill Insurance

  Cover holders who have not made a claim in the last 5 years get a 50% discount on their home insurance, and at least 20% off when policy is bought online. Policy holders get up to one year free services to protect customers from identity theft and fraud under a special offer promotion.

Churchill Insurers customer’s property against fire, flood, vandalism and storm for up to a six bedroom house. The building insurance get a building cover of up to £500,000 and £2,000,000 for property owners’ liability.

Churchill Insurance not only covers buildings, but also items and equipment within the building, including household goods, money, and jewelry, up to £50,000.

Churchill Insurance also covers costs of temporary relocation for family members and pet at a maximum of £25,000, while the customer’s premise is restored. In addition, Churchill Insurance ensures the contents in the building are replaced with new items. These are just some of the benefits of taking a cover with Churchill Insurance.



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